What does 46ti mean?

Ti-46 as abbreviation means “Titanium-46”

What is Titanium’s half life?

60.0 y.
The half-life of titanium-44 is 60.0 y.

How many neutrons does TI 44 have?

List of isotopes

Nuclide Z N
Excitation energy
44Ti 22 22
45Ti 22 23
46Ti 22 24

What is the atomic mass of TI 46?

45.952 627

Isotope Atomic mass (Da) Isotopic abundance (amount fraction)
46Ti 45.952 627(1) 0.0825(3)
47Ti 46.951 7577(8) 0.0744(2)
48Ti 47.947 9409(8) 0.7372(3)
49Ti 48.947 8646(8) 0.0541(2)

What mode of radioactive decay is most likely for the TI 44 isotope?

gamma emission
Ti has a half life of about 60 years and decays by electron capture, which in itself is very difficult to detect, but it decays to the excited state of 44Sc nucleus which decays by gamma emission.

What element contains 15 neutrons and 15 protons?


Name Phosphorus
Atomic Number 15
Atomic Mass 30.974 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 15
Number of Neutrons 16

How much does Titanium cost?

Titanium Price

Year Price Price (Inflation Adjusted)
2018 $4,800.00 $4,800.00
2017 $4,150.00 $4,249.60
2016 $4,100.00 $4,294.96
2015 $5,200.00 $5,572.56

What element has 22 neutrons?

Since, a neutral atom of argon also has 22 Neutrons.

How many protons does Titanium-46 have?

Properties of Titanium-46 Isotope:

Properties of Titanium-46 Isotope: TITANIUM-46
Atomic Number (Z) 22
Mass Number (A) 46
Nucleon Number (A) 46
Proton Number (Z) 22

What is emitted during alpha decay?

In alpha decay, shown in Fig. 3-3, the nucleus emits a 4He nucleus, an alpha particle. An alpha particle, with its two protons and two neutrons, is a very stable configuration of particles. Alpha radiation reduces the ratio of protons to neutrons in the parent nucleus, bringing it to a more stable configuration.

What is the primary decay mode of 48 Ti?

The primary decay mode before the most abundant stable isotope, 48 Ti, is β + and the primary mode after is β −. The primary decay products before 48 Ti are scandium isotopes and the primary products after are vanadium isotopes. ^ mTi – Excited nuclear isomer.

What is the half life of titanium isotope 44?

Titanium-44 ( 44 Ti) is a radioactive isotope of titanium that undergoes electron capture to an excited state of scandium-44 with a half-life of 60 years, before the ground state of 44 Sc and ultimately 44 Ca are populated.

Where does titanium-44 come from in the universe?

Titanium-44 is produced in relative abundance in the alpha process in stellar nucleosynthesis and the early stages of supernova explosions.