What is a shadow gap?

The shadow gap is the secret to perfectly fitting interior shutters. It’s a small clearance gap that we allow all the way around shutter frame to compensate for windows that aren’t square.

What is a shadow line in building?

Modern architecture often calls for shadow lines to be fitted into the design of the building at the construction stage. The term shadow line is used to describe a gap or space between two surfaces, for example between the bottom of a drywall and the beginning of the skirting board.

What is the best type of skirting board?

Which Type of Skirting Board is Best?

  • Hardwood skirting boards are more expensive than off-the-shelf skirting, but are also extremely durable.
  • There are an infinite number of possible skirting profiles, but the four most popular are bullnose, chamfered, ogee, and torus.

What is the use of shadow gap?

Most self-builders hoping to create a contemporary home are familiar with shadow gaps — those tiny ‘flash gaps’ or ‘controlled gaps’ designed to replace skirting boards and allow for movement between the two planes of the wall and the floor.

What is the most popular skirting?

Perhaps the most popular standard skirting profile is the Torus skirting board. We have a couple of variations of this classic design available in a range of heights and thicknesses. Other popular standard skirting board designs include the Bullnose, Mini Bullnose and Ogee.

Do you have to have skirting boards?

In short, skirting boards are necessary to form the junctions between the construction materials and hide untidy joins. They also protect the bottom of the wall from general wear and tear from foot traffic expected in a normal home (pets and children, for example).

Are shadow gaps expensive?

“While shadow gaps can look striking, it is a costly and time-consuming addition to achieve the requisite crisp and accurate detail,” says architect Neil Turner, director of Howarth Litchfield.

What kind of skirting system does Shadowline use?

Euro Skirt – Aluminium Skirting System Shadowline solves the most difficult aspects of installation and creates award winning results quickly and easily. Euro Skirt comes as a complete system including invisible external and internal joiners with base clips to keep the skirting secured firmly to the wall.

What kind of Shadow Line for Euro skirt?

Euro Skirt – Aluminium Skirting System Shadowline is a contemporary and resilient aluminium skirting for that minimal clean line appearance. Creating a modern skirting that is flush to the wall has always been challenging using existing metal shadow line trims that are available because it is not easy to create a line that is straight and clean.

Is the SL95 Shadowline skirting straight between studs?

When installed, SL95 Shadowline skirting is perfectly straight without any deviation between set bead and skirting base. The skirting is simple to install and there is no need for blocking out between the studs thanks to its rigid design.

How big is the Shadowline on an alubase floor skirt?

A crisp and distinctive 12 x 12mm shadowline recess sits above the 90mm floor skirt, giving you a contemporary, clean line flush finish. Alubase shadowline does away wih using multiple profiles and sections (such as P50) to create that sought after shadowline look. Installation is easy and all fixings are completely concealed.