What is BM25 and what does it do?

The ranking function. BM25 is a bag-of-words retrieval function that ranks a set of documents based on the query terms appearing in each document, regardless of their proximity within the document.

What is the purpose of the Okapi BM25?

In information retrieval, Okapi BM25 ( BM is an abbreviation of best matching) is a ranking function used by search engines to estimate the relevance of documents to a given search query. It is based on the probabilistic retrieval framework developed in the 1970s and 1980s by Stephen E.

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Where does the relevance score BM25 come from?

BM25 has its roots in probabilistic information retrieval. Probabilistic information retrieval is a fascinating field unto itself. Basically, it casts relevance as a probability problem. A relevance score, according to probabilistic information retrieval, ought to reflect the probability a user will consider the result relevant.

What does BM25 and tf * idf do?

BM25 and TF*IDF sit at the core of the ranking function. They comprise what Lucene calls the “field weight”. Field weight measures how much matched text is about a search term. Classic Lucene Similarity: What is TF*IDF?