What is Stourhead famous for?

With hills, water and classical architecture overlaid by a fabulous collection of trees and shrubs, Stourhead was described as ‘a living work of art’ when first opened in the 1740s. Meandering paths offer vistas through trees to classical temples and surprises at every turn.

Who lived in Stourhead?

A Brief History of Stourhead. Prior to the introduction of the Hoare family, the Stourhead estate was occupied by the Stourton family, known as the Barons of Stourton. They lived in the house for approximately 500 years, and then sold the estate to Sir Thomas Meres in 1714.

Who landscaped Stourhead?

Location Stourton with Gasper, Wiltshire
Coordinates 51.108°N 2.3191°WCoordinates:51.108°N 2.3191°W
Built House: 1721–1724, destroyed in fire, rebuilt 1906 Gardens: 1741–1780
Architect Colen Campbell

Does anyone live at Stourhead?

The house at Stourhead is open daily from from 11am – 3pm. On a plateau of high ground Stourhead house was built and became home to generations of the Hoare family. Their house in the country was seen as an escape from London and truly became their family home.

How much is entry to Stourhead?

Guide Prices

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Stourhead day ticket – family 2 adults – Standard £40.00
Stourhead day ticket – Gift Aid Adult £17.60
Stourhead day ticket – Gift Aid Child £8.80
Stourhead day ticket – Standard Adult £16.00

How long do you need at Stourhead?

3 answers. I would say at least half a day. It’s big and lots of walking. No dogs now until after 4pm and they are strict.

How old is Stourhead?

296c. 1725

What does Hoare mean?

Hoare is an English surname derived from Middle English hor(e) meaning grey- or white-haired. Notable people with the surname include: Albert Alfred Hoare, known as Bert Hoare (1874–1962), South Australian politician. Des Hoare (born 1934), Australian cricketer.

Who designed Stourhead?

Colen Campbell

Are there toilets at Stourhead?

Toilets: the toilets in the top courtyard and Spread Eagle courtyard are open and cleaned throughout the day, meaning we may need to close them temporarily. Shop: the shop is now open daily.

Is Stourhead worth visiting?

The grounds are absolutely spectacular and worth a visit. We walked all the way around the lake with our toddler – first time he’s really taken any notice of ducks, and he was very excited about seeing them. The weather was fabulous, which makes a difference when visiting outdoor venues.

Is Stourhead open during lockdown?

Opening times The outdoor spaces, house, shop and restaurant at Stourhead are open daily. Visits to the house are limited and entry to the house is not guaranteed on the day you visit. Check What’s On for the latest information. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back.

Who was the founder of the Stourhead estate?

Stourhead was created in the 18th century by a banking family, the Hoares. The bank was originally founded in the 17th century by Sir Richard Hoare. Its funds aided the development of Stourhead’s garden, house and estate under seven members of the Hoare family, until it passed to the National Trust in 1946.

Who are the Hoares and what did they do at Stourhead?

The Hoares, a banking family, built Stourhead house and garden in the 18th century. They passed it to us in 1947. Follow the line of succession to find out how they shaped Stourhead. Sir Richard Hoare (1648-1718) The son of a horse-dealer, Sir Richard founded Hoare’s bank in 1672. It prospered and he was knighted by Queen Anne.

When was Stourhead gardens bequeathed to the National Trust?

In 1946 Stourhead was bequeathed to the National Trust. The estate itself dates back to medieval times and was the property of the Stourton family for over five hundred years. The family members are buried in a vault under St. Peter’s, a medieval church which stands on the periphery of the 18th-century gardens.

Is the Stourhead House open to the public?

The outdoor spaces, shop and restaurant (take-away only) at Stourhead are open daily. The house is currently closed. You’ll need to book tickets online or by calling 0344 249 1895. Members can book for free, while non-members will need to pay when booking.