What is the best time to prune loropetalum?

A: The rule of thumb is to prune spring-flowering shrubs right after they bloom. If you prune loropetalums now, you’ll be cutting off all the buds that explode in pink profusion in March. But if yours is huge and you just have to make it smaller, January is the best time.

How far back can you prune loropetalum?

You can cut it back as far as needed. However, now is not the time, because it sets flower buds in summer. If you trim it now, you won’t get any blooms in late winter and early spring. Wait to trim it until after it finishes blooming in spring.

How do you shape a loropetalum?

Size Reduction. Overgrown loropetalums may be cut back after blooming to reduce size. While plants tolerate heavy pruning, it is best to remove only one-quarter to one-third of the plant at a time. Use thinning cuts to maintain a strong form.

How many times does loropetalum bloom?

Loropetalum usually bloom in the spring and early summer months. Their delicate blooms can range from bright pink to white in color. They have a mild, spicy scent to add to their beauty. Loropetalum should bloom consistently in spring and occasionally will show a few blooms intermittently throughout the year.

How do you rejuvenate loropetalum?

If you have a loropetalum hedge that is getting very thin on the bottom, trimming it (and especially the top) will help to rejuvenate the plant and encourage new growth where there is now light reaching the branches.

Can you cut loropetalum to the ground?

Loropetalums that grow 6 feet or more in height can be pruned to form small single- or multi-trunk trees that are perfect for use as attractive, eye-catching specimens in the landscape. If you intend to remove a trunk(s) cut them off 1/4″ above the ground or at their origin.

Can loropetalum take full sun?

Loropetalums are easy, easy, easy. Once established, they’re very drought tolerant and frankly, hard to kill. Give them full or part sun and acid to neutral, well-drained soil. (Not alkaline soil, though—the leaves will turn yellow between the veins.)

How tall does a dwarf loropetalum get?

Purple Daydream Dwarf Loropetalum

Feature Pink ribbons in spring
Exposure Part sun to shade
Flowering Season
Dimensions 2-3 ft Height x 3-4 ft Width
Growth Rate Fast

Is loropetalum poisonous to dogs?

Animal Toxicity Loropetalum is considered nontoxic to animals. The Georgia Gardener recommends it as a safe landscape choice for people who have dogs. To keep your specimens in good condition, allow 18 inches between the plant and your property fence to allow your dog to patrol its territory.

When is the best time to prune dwarf Loropetalum?

If you anticipate needing to prune regularly to control size, transplanting the shrub to another location may be a better option. Do this during the dormant season. Then you may plant a more compact variety like Purple Daydream® Dwarf Loropetalum in its place. Loropetalum are extremely versatile shrubs.

How tall does purple Pixie dwarf weeping Loropetalum grow?

These low-maintenance shrubs have a compact size that requires very little pruning. Unlike other loropetalums, Purple Pixie® Dwarf Weeping Loropetalum grows only 1- to 2-feet tall by 4- to 5-feet wide.

What’s the best way to cut back a Loropetalum?

In general, cutting stems back to the point of origin or a lateral branch (called thinning cuts) is preferred to simply clipping the tips of branches, as it promotes more natural growth. Basic selective pruning can be performed annually. Overgrown loropetalums may be cut back after blooming to reduce size.

Can a purple Loropetalum be used as a hedge?

Dark purple loropetalums shrubs are pretty in clusters, in informal hedges, or limbed up to form small trees. They can even be heavily pruned for formal hedges.