What is the CoC for bikers?

A CoC purports to represent “sanctioned” clubs in its geographical area, work on behalf of bikers’ rights, maintain some control over the formation of new clubs, and protect its own interests. CoCs’ will only work on behalf of those clubs who choose to join them.

Why is iron Order hated?

On the other hand, the Iron Order MC says that the real reason why the Hells Angels hate them is that they see them as a threat. They’re one of the fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the United States with chapters all over the world. But the Iron Order Motorcycle Club doesn’t abide by that same code of secrecy.

Who is the Confederation of clubs of America?

You can’t put down an individual for asking and wanting to gain knowledge on the subject. NCOM, as it’s commonly referred to just, held it’s 30 year National Convention on May 7th, 2015. The Confederation of Clubs is a Biker Rights organization that is run by bikers for bikers.

What does the Oklahoma Confederation of clubs do?

The Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs promotes communication and education to and between all motorcycle enthusiasts. Our strength is a Confederation of Clubs coming together to defend our Constitutional rights and further our motorcycle lifestyle.

What is the purpose of the Confederation of Clubs COC?

The CoC may vary from region to region in makeup, size, and strength but the overall mission of the CoC is unity in the motorcycling world. The CoCexists to bring communication through clubs, and improve the motorcyclist image, support legislation for the betterment of motorcycling,…

Is there a website for Confederate American pride?

Confederate American Pride website has been created for that unique class of people, native to the Southeastern states, who define themselves as being, firstly, Confederates and, secondly, as Americans, and who are proud of bearing those distinctions. It is to this particular mindset of cultural awareness that this site is dedicated.