What is the Kamino rebellion?

The Kamino uprising was a conflict in 12 BBY on the aquatic planet Kamino, the origin world of the Grand Army of the Republic during the waning days of the Old Republic.

Was Kamino part of the republic?

Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Kamino was one of the main operational areas of the Galactic Republic. It served as the main training grounds for clone cadets as well as the location for the clone army’s creation.

What species lives on Kamino?

The Kaminoans were a tall, thin amphibian sentient species native to the isolated extragalactic aquatic planet of Kamino.

What planets are near Kamino?

Its primary sun, Kamino was an aging star,orbited by thirteen planets—the molten world Kas, the searing rocks Yuka Major and Jomon, terrestrial Faa, oceanic Kamino, barren Mira, Miyuu and Donoa, the gas giants Casna Aure and Casna Besh, the frozen rocks Imoco and Talita and the ice ball Yuka.

Does the Empire destroy Kamino?

The era of the New Republic Another view of Kamino After the Battle of Endor, the collapse of the Empire triggered an economic collapse of Kamino and the production of clones eventually ended.

Did Kamino join the rebellion?

According to the narration, there was actually a clone rebellion on Kamino after Revenge of the Sith that could certainly be adapted for The Bad Batch: “Officially there never was a clone rebellion on Kamino.

Who died on Kamino during Order 66?

Master Shaak Ti
As they’re walking through the halls of their base, a group of clones pass by carrying a stretcher, a dead Jedi’s body covered by a sheet. Out of the stretcher falls a lightsaber, which some fans have speculated belongs to Jedi Master Shaak Ti, who died on Coruscant during Order 66.

What Jedi died on Kamino?

Rig Nema
One potential answer for the identity of Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s dead Jedi is Rig Nema. She was a Consular Jedi doctor during the Clone Wars and appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars to help heal Yoda. Nema is an Halaisi with green/gold skin and wore long-sleeved tops that partially covered her hands.

Which Jedi died on Kamino during Order 66?

Who deleted Kamino?

To ensure that it stayed a secret, Dooku erased all records of the planet Kamino from the Jedi Archives, along with thirty-seven additional systems, including Dagobah and Dromund, that Sidious had judged to be of potential value to the Sith—this all being done after having publicly renounced and left the Jedi Order.

What Jedi died on Kamino during Order 66?

Jedi Master Shaak Ti
Out of the stretcher falls a lightsaber, which some fans have speculated belongs to Jedi Master Shaak Ti, who died on Coruscant during Order 66.

Are Kaminoans evil?

The Kaminoans weren’t morally evil; they were just smart businesspeople. It was essentially a “money now, questions later” deal, and they were more than happy to comply.

What kind of planet is Kamino in Star Wars?

Kamino was a remote water planet outside the main galaxy. The world’s oceans held an abundance of life. Kamino was renowned for its science and production of clone armies and often contracted with private security forces and other clients.

When did Kamino get hit in the Clone Wars?

At one point during the Clone Wars, somewhere between 22 and 21 BBY, a Separatist assault led by Asajj Ventress and cyborg General Grievous hit Kamino in an attempt to end clone creation for the Republic.

Who is the leader of the Kamino security?

Distinctly from the Coruscant Guard, however, the color scheme of the Kamino security clone troopers was that it was a shade of gray, rather than red, and the Kamino security logo was featured on their shoulder pad armor. As a military unit, they were led by a clone trooper officer and Jedi General Shaak Ti who oversaw clone trooper training.

Where was the stormy water world of Kamino located?

The stormy water world of Kamino was located in the Wild Space region beyond the Outer Rim. The planet orbited an aging star called Kamino and had three moons orbiting the planet itself, including Korasa. The planet was composed of a molten core with a rocky mantle and silicate rock crust.