What is the meaning of ambivalent feelings?

: conflicting feelings or emotions He has ambivalent feelings about his new job.

What is the meaning of sentimental feeling?

English Language Learners Definition of sentimental : based on, showing, or resulting from feelings or emotions rather than reason or thought. : appealing to the emotions especially in an excessive way. : having or expressing strong feelings of love, sadness, etc., in a way that may seem foolish or excessive.

What does it mean to feel troubled?

1a : concerned, worried troubled feelings about the decision. b : exhibiting emotional or behavioral problems a program for troubled youth. 2 : characterized by or indicative of trouble our troubled cities a gray and troubled sky.

What are true feelings?

: the way one really feels She let him know her true feelings.

Is ambivalence a feeling?

Ambivalence is what we experience when we have two opposing feelings simultaneously toward an individual, situation or object. Although all of us have experienced ambivalent feelings at some time or another, chronic feelings of ambivalence can be emotionally debilitating.

Does sentimental mean love?

Someone or something that is sentimental feels or shows pity or love, sometimes to an extent that is considered exaggerated and foolish. Sentimental means relating to or involving feelings such as pity or love, especially for things in the past.

Who is a senti person?

Call a person sentimental if he or she is led more by emotions than by reason. Sentimental describes a person who relies on emotions more than reason, or a novel or film that is overly emotional. Derived from the Latin verb, sentire “to feel,” sentimental always implies that the emotions are involved a little too much.

What does it mean if someone calls you troubled?

Use the adjective troubled to describe someone who is upset or distressed, or a situation that is difficult. If your mom and your sister fight a lot, often bitterly, you might say that their relationship is troubled.

What does deeply troubled mean?

(trʌbəld ) adjective. Someone who is troubled is worried because they have problems. Rose sounded deeply troubled. Synonyms: anxious, concerned, worried, upset More Synonyms of troubled.