What is the most common type of school bus accident?

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of auto accidents that we hear about at our law firm. Statistics show nearly three-fourths of fatalities involving school buses are the occupants of the other vehicles involved.

What are 3 things that might lead to a student injury on the bus?

There are three typical forms of school bus related accidents: collision with other motorists, pedestrian accidents (including accidents involving a child-crossing), or occupant injuries.

What causes school bus accidents?

School bus accidents may result from driver carelessness or willful danger. A variety of factors can lead to an accident involving a school bus, including distracted driving, mechanical issues, or hazardous road conditions.

How do bus accidents happen?

The following are among the most common causes of bus accidents:

  • Bus company negligence.
  • Bus driver negligence.
  • Bus driver fatigue.
  • Bad weather.
  • Blind spots.
  • Left turns.
  • Another driver.
  • Bus fires.

What is a Type 2 school bus?

A Type II school bus is a vehicle designed to carry not more than 16 passengers and the driver, or a vehicle manufactured on or after April 1, 1977, having a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less, and designed to carry not more than 20 passengers and the driver.

How many students died in school bus accidents?


Total 118 130
Occupant of other vehicle 91 84
Pedestrian 21 26
School bus passenger 3 10

What happens if a school bus crashes?

In most cases, the specific school district will own and operate all of the school buses for their district. Even if the driver was negligent, as an employee of the school district, the school district would, in most cases, be held responsible.

What can cause a bus fire?

The causes of bus fires generally fall into three distinct categories: electrical, friction at the wheel level, and engine component failures. Many of these incidents could have been prevented with an improved maintenance and inspection program.

What is a Type 3 school bus?

TYPE III: Type III school buses and type III Head Start buses are restricted to passenger cars, station wagons, vans, and buses having a maximum manufacturer’s rated seating capacity of ten or fewer people, including the driver, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less.

What kind of Crash is a school bus?

A school bus-related crash is defined by NHTSA as any crash in which a vehicle, regardless of body design, used as a school bus is directly or indirectly involved. This includes incidents involving school children getting in or out of a vehicle.

What are the different types of school buses?

The Seven Different School Bus Types. 1 Type A. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. The Type A school bus is made of a bus body constructed upon a cutaway front-section vehicle with a left 2 Type B. 3 Type C. 4 Type D. 5 Multifunction School Activity Buses.

How often does a bus accident occur in the US?

At least one hundred and thirty seven bus crash related fatalities occur in the US each year, and many more injuries. However, it is difficult to determine how safe city and tour buses are as accidents involving these types of vehicles are drastically underreported.

How many people are killed each year by school buses?

NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590 2 On average, 14 school-age pedestrians are killed by school transportation vehicles (school buses and non-school bus vehicles used as school buses) each year, and 3 are killed by other vehicles involved in school bus-related crashes.