What Profiles does Kemper come with?

Right from the start the Kemper Profiler comes equipped with more than 300 profiles, featuring vintage classics, modern high-gain amps and rare boutique items. These profiles were made by top engineers and producers in premiere studios around the world.

Is a Kemper worth it?

The Kemper is the simplest plug n play option that still sounds as good, if not better than most recorded guitar amps. It’s especially good for bedroom players who aren’t masterful sound engineers. It’s especially good for bedroom players who aren’t masterful sound engineers.

Can you plug a Kemper into a cab?

Can I use a Kemper with a guitar cab? Yes, as long as you have a power amp. This could mean getting one of the powered Kemper Profiling amps, or you could use an external power amp. Don’t try and plug an unpowered amp (or Kemper for that matter) into a cab, as it’s potentially dangerous!

Can you share Kemper profiles?

Once you buy the files, you own them. And you can do what you want with them. If you want to share them with someone else, that’s your prerogative.

Can you profile with Kemper stage?

KEMPER PROFILER Stage™ is no mere accessory — it is a complete PROFILER. This combination of PROFILER and Remote allows you to control, administer and program your Performances, as well as manage Rig switches and complex parameter morphs, all in an unparalleled intuitive manner.

Is AXE FX better than Kemper?

In terms of quality of tone, both the Axe-FX and the Kemper are professional quality devices. The tones of the Axe-FX are more flexible, but that inevitably means a lot more tweaking. With the Kemper, it can be a lot quicker and easier to dial up a nice tone just by browsing through a few of the highest-rated patches.

Are Kemper profiles free?

HM18 Kemper Profile Pack – OUT NOW FOR FREE!!

Does the Kemper take pedals well?

As much as people swear that the Kemper handles pedals great, it does, but something doesn’t feel quite right. I can’t put my finger on it. The Pete Cornish pedals sound much better out front and the Green Russian Muff sounds a whole lot better in the loop.

How do I download profiles on Kemper?

go to the kempers website, click on downloads, then use the selection box to choose RIG PACKS – then choose the one you wish, and download. – unzip them, and place the rigs in your shared on the flash drive OR a folder of your choice for Rig Manager to import them. Need profiles? or want a Pro Studio?

How big is a Kemper profiler rack AMP?

Guitar Amps – The Kemper Profiler Rack packs the same awesome amp modeling and emulation of the original Kemper Profiling Amplifier into a handy 19″ rackmountable format. As with the rest of the Profiler series, the Profiler Rack, doesn’t limit you to a bunch of preset models.

What kind of power does a black Kemper rack have?

Both the Rack and the Head (black version only) are available with a built-in Class-D power amp. It produces 600 Watt @ 8 Ohm or 300 Watt @ 16 Ohm. The power amp was designed in Denmark by the renowned ICEpower™. It offers pristine sound quality, whether it is driving full-range speakers or classic guitar cabinets.

Is there a signature sound on a Kemper profiler?

By nature, such algorithms are limited in number and cannot allow for the subtle variance between tube amps, even within the same product line – this might explain why you rarely see an A/B comparison between a tube amp and its respective digital model. The KEMPER PROFILER has no predefined amp models and, therefore, no signature sound.

Can a KPA be used as a power amp?

Yes, it acts like a proper amp, but, it is larger and heavier than a KPA with an internal amp. And you need two power cables instead of one, and a regular jack cable to connect the KPA to the power amp. I bought unpowered to be able to upgrade my amp and cabs after .