What size tank do I need for a pygmy bearded dragon?

The size of your enclosure will be dictated by how many Pygmy Bearded Dragons (PBD) you are housing. For 1 – 2 adult PBD’s it is recommended that your enclosure is at least 600 x 450 x 500.

Can you keep pygmy bearded dragons together?

Solitary by nature, Bearded Dragons thrive in captivity when housed alone. Having said this, Pygmy bearded dragons tend to have a less stressful and violent social group, females and pair/trios work well in relative harmony.

How big do Pygmy bearded dragons get?

Sharp spikes run along the sides of their bodies and their throats. Larger species grow to 60cm long from head to tail tip, but the Pygmy Bearded Dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni) is only 30cm long. Most species have a tail that’s as long as their body. Males are typically brighter in colour than females.

How long does a pygmy bearded dragon live for?

5-6 years
Pygmy Bearded Dragons are relatively short-lived, with a maximum life span of 5-6 years.

How often should you feed a Pygmy bearded dragon?

Feeding. Juvenile Bearded Dragons are predominantly insectivorous, and should be offered small crickets 2-3 times daily. They should also be offered finely chopped vegetables and fruit. These foods can be lightly dusted with calcium powder every second day.

Can you have 2 bearded dragons in one tank?

Never keep a pair of two male bearded dragons in the same enclosure. If male bearded dragons live together, they could partake in aggressive, territory-fueled battles which frequently end in physical harm. You can have a group of strictly females, or a group of perhaps two females and one male.

How often should I feed my pygmy bearded dragon?

What is the cheapest type of bearded dragon?

Age: Juvenile baby dragons cost less than larger, more mature ones. Baby beardies typically sell from around $25 – $65. Older dragons sell for up to $100, and sometimes more. Type: The inland bearded dragon is the type most commonly sold as a pet, though there are several other species.

How big does a pygmy bearded dragon enclosure need to be?

For 1 – 2 adult PBD’s it is recommended that your enclosure is at least 600 x 450 x 500. Housing two PBD’s together can be tricky though as you will generally find that one will assert dominance over the other which can result in life threatening issues, such as the subordinate ceasing to eat.

What should I Feed my Thos pygmy bearded dragon?

THoS Pygmy Bearded Dragon Care and Advice Sheet – 2018 Feeding, Diet, and Handling Feeding and Diet: PBDs will primarily eat a diet of chopped vegetables and various insects, with fruit as a treat. Crickets will be your primary go-to-food as they are not only popular with PBDs but are also very good for them and readily available.

Why do pygmy bearded dragons not like natural light?

Placing your enclosure in natural light can cause confusion for the PBDs when the sun goes down as they will tend to pay more attention to that and go off to bed then, rather than when the lighting in the enclosure goes off. So where possible, don’t place your enclosure where there is a lot of exposure to natural light.

What kind of lighting does a bearded dragon need?

UVB lighting is arguably the most important part of any bearded dragon setup. Without it, bearded dragons develop something called Metabolic Bone Disease – a painful and fatal condition that causes bone deformation (and eventually, death).