What3 colours do the Gorsedd y Beirdd wear?

Gorsedd y Beirdd members are present on stage during three of the main Eisteddfod ceremonies dressed in their white, blue and green robes, being led by the Archdruid.

What was the full name of the Gorsedd who met in 1819?

Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain
Gorsedd Cymru was originally founded as Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain in 1792 by Edward Williams, commonly known as Iolo Morganwg, who also invented much of its ritual, supposedly based on the activities of the ancient Celtic Druidry.

How to become a member of the Gorsedd?

You can join by sitting the Gorsedd Examinations, which are held on the final Saturday of April every year, in convenient centres in both north and south Wales. Syllabuses are available in Poetry, Music, Language and Prose, and there are also specific syllabuses for harpists, trumpeters and in the field of Cerdd Dant.

What does Eisteddfod mean in Welsh?

In Medieval times, Welsh bards and minstrels would assemble together for an “eisteddfod” (the Welsh word for “session”) of poetry and music competition.

What is the meaning of bardic?

1. One of an ancient Celtic order of minstrel poets who composed and recited verses celebrating the legendary exploits of chieftains and heroes. 2. A poet, especially a lyric poet. [Middle English, from Irish and Scottish Gaelic bard and from Welsh bardd; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]

What is a Welsh bard?

In medieval Gaelic and Welsh society, a bard (Scottish and Irish Gaelic) or bardd (Welsh) was a professional poet, employed to compose eulogies for his lord.

Why is it called Eisteddfod?

Eisteddfod literally means a sitting (eistedd = to sit), perhaps a reference to the hand-carved chair traditionally awarded to the best poet in the ceremony ‘The Crowning of the Bard’. The National Eisteddfod of Wales dates back to 1176 when it is said that the first Eisteddfod was held.