Where can I watch Christmas Lifetime movies?

You can watch Lifetime movies through many popular streaming options available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or any other supported device. You can also use these subscriptions to sign in to the Lifetime website and watch movies from there. SlingTV provides access to the Lifetime Network for $30 a month.

Which is better Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movies?

As should be clear by now, Lifetime is pretty far ahead of Hallmark in many ways when it comes to appealing to new, younger, more diverse audiences. But they’re also not afraid of trying out new things in terms of the stories they tell.

How many Lifetime Christmas movies are there 2020?

On Nov. 10, Lifetime announced four additional movies to its It’s a Wonderful Lifetime slate—Too Close for Christmas, The Christmas High Note, Christmas at the Castle and My Sweet Holiday—bringing the total number of new holiday flicks to a whopping 34.

Does Lifetime Movie Club have Christmas movies?

Lifetime Movie Club allows you to stream new and old Lifetime Christmas movies without commercials. They offer a free trial, during these great Christmas movies would be a great time to try it out. Another way to watch Lifetime is Sling TV.

Is there a Lifetime Christmas movie app?

Download the Lifetime App for your iOS or Android device. The Lifetime app gives you full access to all the reality, drama and movies Lifetime has to offer. Watch your favorite Lifetime shows on your mobile device or tablet, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Kindle HD. Now with Chromecast support.

What are the new Lifetime Christmas movies for 2020?

So, mark your spot on the couch, get your cup of cocoa ready, and read up on Lifetime’s Christmas movies for 2020.

  • Christmas on Ice. Lifetime.
  • Forever Christmas. Lifetime.
  • Christmas Unwrapped. Lifetime.
  • A Crafty Christmas Romance. Lifetime.
  • Candy Cane Christmas.
  • The Christmas Aunt.
  • The Christmas Yule Blog.
  • A Welcome Home Christmas.

What Christmas movie is Marie Osmond?

The Christmas Edition
Marie Osmond stars in new Christmas movie The singer and actress headlines the film, The Christmas Edition, on Lifetime.

How can I watch old Lifetime movies?

Lifetime Movie Club is available to watch on your computer at lifetimemovieclub.com, on Apple devices (including iPhone, iPad & Apple TV), on Android devices, and on Roku. You can also broadcast movies to your TV using the Chrome web browser or the latest versions of our Android and iOS apps via your Chromecast.

Who is the actress in the Christmas movie?

Synopsis: It’s Christmas time and Jackie (Carly Hughes), an up-and- coming journalist, finds that her life is at a crossroads until she finds an unexpected opportunity – to run a small-town newspaper in Alaska. Jackie decides to give it a try and relocates to the small picture-perfect small town.

Who are the actors in the Lifetime movie Christmas?

Cast: Kelly Rowland, Thomas Cadrot, Debbi Morgan, Bresha Webb, Latonya Williams, Jaime M. Callica, Nathan Witte, Chris Shields

Is the road to Christmas a Lifetime movie?

When she wakes up one day to find the “perfect man” awaiting her, who is nothing more than a mannequin come to life, she must decides if “perfect” is the perfect fit for her. 8. The Road to Christmas (2006 TV Movie) Error: please try again. It’s a few days before Christmas.

What was the name of the Lifetime movie about Santa Claus?

1. Becoming Santa (2015 TV Movie) Error: please try again. A woman brings her boyfriend home for Christmas to meet her parents, Santa and Mrs. Claus. He must decide if he’s willing to continue their relationship after learning that he’d be next in line for Santa’s job. 2. All About Christmas Eve (2012 TV Movie) Error: please try again.