Where do I send my transcripts to UBC?

If you need your forms to be enclosed with your transcript, please email [email protected]

How do I contact UBC admissions?

Toll-free: 1.877. 272.1422 (Canada and U.S.)

Where is the UBC campus?

British Columbia
The University of British Columbia/Province

The University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus is located at the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula, close to the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. UBC’s second campus – Okanagan campus – is located in Kelowna, about 5 hours north-east of Vancouver.

How do I get an unofficial transcript UBC?

Where do I find an unofficial transcript? Log onto the Student Service Centre (SSC), hover over ‘Grades and Records’ then select ‘Your Grades Summary’. This is your unofficial transcript, which you can print and utilize as needed.

Can I scan my transcript?

No, simply upload a scanned version of an official transcript that has been “Issued to Student.” It is understood that once you open the envelope to scan the transcript it is no longer considered official. It may also be possible that the scanned copy may have the watermark COPY on it, which is fine.

Why is my registration status blocked UBC?

Blocked course: If a class is ‘blocked’ it means that seats in the class are currently not available. If the course has a waitlist section, register yourself in it. Also check the SSC frequently for open seats. Sometimes you will see a course is blocked but has seats still available.

Do I need to send my transcript to UBC?

Please do not send paper copies of transcripts or report cards. Deadline to complete all coursework to meet UBC’s admissions requirements, including all distributed learning courses. UBC will receive your final grades from the BC Ministry of Education, including your final grades for all distributed learning courses.

Where can I find admission information for UBC?

You can find the answers to your questions about admissions, programs, and applying to UBC by visiting the Undergraduate Programs and Admissions website. Please use the Graduate Degree Programs listing to find master and doctoral programs at UBC.

Is there an undergraduate office at UBC Vancouver?

The Undergraduate Office (UGO) is the centre of academic advising and support services for undergraduate business students on the UBC Vancouver campus. Our goal is to help you from the moment you apply to the BCom program until you graduate, and to facilitate the best possible experience for you during your time with us.

How to apply to the University of British Columbia?

Search UBC’s undergraduate programs by programs, faculties, and degrees. Learn how to apply to UBC. Find out about UBC’s admission requirements, how UBC makes admissions decisions, and important dates and deadlines in the application process.

Where is the advising office at UBC science?

UBC Science Advising has moved to online and phone advising. Faculty and staff can access resources related to academic continuity, telecommuting and remote working IT guides. General information and FAQs are available on the UBC site. Our undergraduate student advising office is in the Chemistry-Physics Building.