Who is Prophet Dr Owuor?

Prophet David Owuor is a man on a mission. A widely acclaimed Prophet, Dr Owuor’s rise to the world stage started in the humble village of Goma, Bondo. Born in 1966 to Hezekiah and Margaret Ochieng, Owuor is the second born in a family of nine – six girls and three boys.

What is Prophet Owuor saying?

Said Owuor in May 2018: “The Lord Jehovah, the tremendous God of heaven lifted me into heaven and took me to His throne. While I was there, there was tremendous glory. The Messiah came then God the Father extended a bottle of olive to my right hand. Then I went down on my knees and I anointed the seat of the Messiah.”

What is the name of Prophet Owuor church?

A large crowd of Kaptoroi Village, Nandi central, stormed the Repentance and Holiness Ministry church linked to Prophet David Owuor and threw out the congregants.

Is Prophet Owuor a medical doctor?

He went back to Israel in 1994 for a doctorate in biochemical genetics at Haifa University, where he specialised in DNA sequencing. After completion, he went to the University of Chicago Centre of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in the US and specialised in transduction (advanced DNA science).

What do people know about Dr David Owuor?

People know one or two things about him. Dr. David Owuor is known for his huge crusades and miracles. He came into Kenya’s spiritual landscape with a message of repentance, pointing out that God is angry because of people’s sins. However, his spiritual activities seem to differ from what he preaches.

Why are so many copycats of David Owuor?

The reason for the copycats is not primarily to mass produce that which is beneficial, but to counterfeit and patent in order to monopolize the market and make merchandise of men. Dr. Owuor was a pawn, if not a broker, in this diabolical scheme.

What did apostle Paul say about David Owuor?

But even if Owuor did have a theological doctorate, it would be of no value whatsoever before God; it would be a hindrance, an automatic disqualification in the service of His Kingdom. The apostle Paul was speaking of a religious education and background as dung, not of a worldly education in the sciences.

Why does David Owuor always dress in white?

Already, Owuor has exposed himself as a fraud, at least as one deluded, even if sincere. Three: He often dresses in white, right down to his shoes. Why? Do you think Jesus dressed in white and stood out in the crowd?