Who is the parent company of Technos relogios?

Now called Technos Relógios S/.A., with its parent company, Technos da Amazônia Indústria e Comércio Ltda, both 100% Brazilian companies, they produce about a million watches a year in their own manufacturing facilities in Manaus.

Where did the Technos watch brand come from?

In 1995, the company sold the rights to the Technos brand throughout South America and the Caribbean to Technos Relógios S.A., followed in 2002 by the sale of the remaining worldwide rights. In Brazil, the history of Technos began in 1956, when Centauro Importadora, from Rio Grande do Sul, started to represent Technos watches.

What kind of Watch is Technos 17J mechanical?

Technos 17J Mechanical (hand wind).Vintage, Mens. Technos – SWISS made / MEN`s / SAPPHIRE / ORIGINAL bracelet /… Technos SWISS MADE TONNEAU CHRONOGRAPH / BIG SIZE 38x48mm /… Technos – CERAMIC SAPPHIRE / 2 Tone – GOLD pl plus BLACK… Technos Precision is a vintage very rare and beautiful watch…

When did Josef Gunzinger sell the company Technos?

In 1970, Josef Gunzinger sold the company to General Watch Co. At the time the company employed 450 people and exported watches worldwide, especially to Japan & Brazil. Soon however, with the introduction of Japanese watches Technos started losing market share, and by 1976, only the Japanese market was still managing to provide some orders.

How big of a facility does Technos have?

Technos has 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and machine shop facilities and a full fleet of sevice trucks ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice. We manufacture and service the world’s highest quality industrial equipment.

How does Technos industrial fabrication and repair work?

Technos offers emergency rebuild and repair services, from expedited delivery to 24/7 scheduling. The unit pictured came to us after a catastrophic failure and we have since detailed, cut, formed, machined, welded, assembled, balanced, and painted a unit that is ready for service, all in expedite mode.

How does Technos help you maintain your equipment?

Technos can help maintain and ensure the reliability of your equipment through predictive maintenance services such as vibration analysis. We can work with your schedule to create a custom service agreement anywhere from weekly to semi-annual data collection and analysis.