Who won Americas Got Talent 2013?

Kenichi Ebina
Dazzling dancer Kenichi Ebina was named the winner of season 8 of “America’s Got Talent.”

What is Shin Lim doing now?

Magician Shin Lim started learning magic when he was a teenager, and now has a residency in Las Vegas. Up until Covid-19 hit, Shin Lim had 2020 planned down to the day.

Why did Kelly Lee leave band of voices?

Unfortunately I had to leave Band of Voices, but for reasons I am exited to say. BGT and Band of Voices came at a time when i got offered my deal to sign, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to invest in both so i chose the songs I am in love with and a small team in Poland with big ideas for my music future.

Who is the 13 year old singer on America’s got talent?

Watch the moment Laura Bretan stunned on Got Talent with dramatic Puccini, and a voice and style of singing that got the opera world talking. This is the incredible moment a young singer, barely into her teens, wowed judges to receive the coveted ‘Golden Buzzer’ during her America’s Got Talent audition.

Who did Shin Lim marry?

Casey Thomas
He got engaged to Casey Thomas, whom he had met during his Macau tour in 2015. She was performing at the theater next door to where he was, and they got to know each other in after-show events where the two theater groups mingled together as a family. The two married on August 19, 2019.

How old is Kelly Lee Owens?

33 years (August 24, 1988)
Kelly Lee Owens/Age

Can I be a singer at 13 years old?

Becoming a famous singer at age 13 is a phenomenal achievement. It’s a feat that’s rarely achieved. Nonetheless, it’s possible. We have examples of these singers, such as Grace VanderWaal, Lena Stamenkovic, Tanner Massey, Evie Clair and Lexi Drew, to name a few.

Can a 13 year old be a singer?

However, by convincing your parents, training and getting experience, making yourself visible to the music industry, and signing with a record label, you too can become a successful singer at a young age.

Who are the new judges on Americas Got Talent?

Following the previous season, Sharon Osbourne left the program following a dispute with the network, leading to production staff replacing her with Heidi Klum, while the judging panel was expanded to include four judges, with Mel B brought on as the new fourth judge.

How many acts are sent home on Americas Got Talent?

Eighty-six (televised) acts passed through from the audition rounds to Las Vegas Week and competed for 60 slots in the live shows. The judges split the acts into three groups. The first group of 30 acts were sent through to the live show without performing. A second group of acts were sent home without a second chance.

Who was the winner of Americas Got Talent in 2013?

America’s Got Talent shot their live shows from Radio City Music Hall in New York, after moving from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center last year. The 2013 winner was Kenichi Ebina, the first mime and the first foreign act to win the competition. The runner-up was comedian Taylor Williamson…

When does America’s Got Talent Season 8 start?

America’s Got Talent (season 8) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Season eight of the reality competition series America’s Got Talent premiered on June 4, 2013, and ended on September 18, 2013.