Why was Chennai flooded on 17 November 2015?

The flooding in Chennai city was worsened by years of illegal development and inadequate levels of flood preparedness. Much of the city remained flooded on 17 November, though rainfall had largely ceased.

Why did the Buckingham Canal get flooded in Chennai?

These river banks were occupied by occupants which eventually has narrowed the river flow. This is one of the main reason for the flood water to get stragmented. There was no proper care taken on the Buckingham canal which is also a major path leading the flood water into the sea.

Which is the worst affected area in Chennai?

In the 2015 floods, one of the worst affected regions in Chennai was along the IT corridor. Built on low-lying areas of the Pallikaranai marshlands over the last 15 years, this area is destined to become a watery grave.

Why are clouds stationary over Chennai in 2015?

A study from IISc shows that on 1 December, clouds were stationary over Chennai. This study showed that the mountains of Eastern Ghats blocked clouds that came from the Bay of Bengal from moving further inland. The mechanism is referred to as ‘upstream blocking’. Therefore, they were stationary over Chennai throughout the day.

Where can I find an essay on Chennai flash floods?

Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Chennai Flash Floods’ especially written for school and college students. Chennai, India had experienced record-breaking rains and flooding since early November.

When did the flood in Tamil Nadu happen?

On 28–29 November, another system developed and arrived over Tamil Nadu on 30 November, bringing additional rain and flooding. The system dropped 490 mm of rainfall at Tambaram in 24 hours starting 8:30 am on 1 December. Very heavy rains led to flooding across the entire stretch of coast from Chennai to Cuddalore.

Is there flood in every city in India?

Across India, city after city has experienced floods, while some others live with the fear of impending disasters.