5 Eccentric Sporting Destinations You Should Visit

Politics, economics, religions, form of governance and a host of other things form barriers between nations. But there is one thing that breaks these barriers – sports!

If you want to experience the true meaning of fun, excitement, pleasure, and entertainment, then create a perfect blend of traveling and sports.

That said, you want to create memories on your next vacation. However, the sports fanatic in you will not allow you to do what ordinary people do on holiday.

Recently, you have found out that your love for sports influences everything you do, including traveling – you are not alone. A survey has revealed that sports can drastically sway travel decisions. It has gone ahead to show that one out of every five travelers plans their journeys around major sporting events.

To help you make an informed decision as you plan your next ‘sporting trip,’ below are some destinations that should appear at the helm of your priority list:

  • London – England

London is known for its theatre scene, artistic architecture, and tons of attractive sites that draw in millions annually. However, this majestic city is also a hotbed of attention-grabbing sporting events.

Football is the most popular sport in London. The city has 13 international teams to its name, not to mention that every single match held here attracts a crowd of not less than 40,000 people!

But football is not the only sport you will enjoy if you choose to visit this city. Cricket and rugby are other major sporting events that attract a substantial crowd. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, you can check-in at the Epsom Downs and Ascot for a horse racing treat that takes sporting fun to a whole new level!

  • New York – USA

As an American football fan, you want to be in a place that will give you the experience of a lifetime. There is no better place to acquire this than New York. Apart from its world-class architecture, it is inhabited by people who are crazy about this game like yourself.

If you want to be part of an exhilarating experience, visit this sporting destination during Superbowl – an NFL game held every year. Alternatively, you can visit in June during the US Open, or in October for the NBA league, where you can try to guess some unlikely NBA long shots for MVP.

  • Tokyo – Japan

If you love baseball, then you need to pack up your bags and visit what is widely known as “the city under the sun”- Tokyo.

Surprisingly, baseball was invented in New York, but if you want to enjoy the best that this sport has to offer, then the Japanese will give you the dose you need.

But baseball is not the only sport that you will delight in while in Tokyo. Get ready to be blown by traditional games such as martial arts and sumo wrestling!

When you are done playing and watching the games of your choice, you can walk down the picturesque streets, and enjoy the tranquility the city has to offer.

  • Haryana- India

If you are looking for an athletic city that will give you a perfect mix of sports and a vibrant Indian culture, grab a ticket and board the first plane to Haryana.

Whether you want to engage in wresting in gullies, football, or cricket, or you desire to try out some games that originated here such as kabaddi and chess, this city has got you covered.

  • Barcelona- Spain

Barcelona is an ideal sporting destination for those whose love for football cannot be matched. Every year, this city attracts millions of people around the globe, who come to watch La Liga matches in some of the most famous stadiums such as Camp Nou Stadium.

In case your favorite team is not playing, or La Liga is out of season during your visit, you can get into one of the many sports museums in the city and get educated about the football team(s) you support.

The fact that Barcelona is famous for football doesn’t mean it’s restricted to football alone.

There are other sports that you can enjoy in this destination, including equestrian, hockey, athletics, Tennis, and formula 1.

With these destinations at your disposal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t re-read this post, make a decision, and go for the fun! Best of luck.