6 Elements That Make Your SEO Practices Better

Proper SEO practices can really help in taking your business to the next level. Optimizing the visibility of your online store or business in the SERP is one of the most important tasks for any online business in today’s world.

You can use online free tools like SERP Checker by WMS – WhatsMySERP to calculate your WMS SERP API. It can be used online, without downloading, to analyze your SERP Rank according to different keywords of your website. This will greatly help you target the right keywords to improve your website SEO.

Here are the 6 elements that will make your SEO better

1. SERP Analysis

If you want to improve your SERP rank with SEO first you need to analyze the current search ranking of your website. You can search for online tools for SERP analysis such as WhatsMySERP.

These can help you analyze which keywords you should target and what elements of your website need improvement such as your on-page SEO, website speed and responsiveness etc.

Keeping a close eye on your website’s SERP analysis may help you better strategize for SEO and implement improvements as required.

2. Keyword Targeting

Keywords are, without a doubt, the most important element of your SEO strategy. Targeting the right keywords may greatly improve your SERP rank which is why you should pay special attention to your Keyword strategy.

Online tools like WMS SERP Checker among many other online tools, may help you improve your keywords targeting strategy as you can rank your website against many different keywords and even discover new ones that you weren’t previously targeting.

The best thing about Whats My SERP is that it narrows down the SERP analysis according to different keywords in specific locations. This can help you target keywords to enhance your Local SEO greatly.

3. On-page Optimization

If you stop paying attention to your website’s on-page optimization then it may soon slip down. This is quite crucial to rank higher on search engines and to get better and more visitors to your website.

As the online business world is changing day by day, your website needs to keep up with the on-page SEO advancements to stay relevant and maintain its position on search engines. Which is why make sure to update the Title tags, Meta tags and content with the most relevant keywords.

4. Relevant Content

There have been big changes in the way that people consume content, from reading blogs to consuming content on TikTok and YouTube. It is still one of the most essential elements to improve your website SEO.

Most people nowadays prefer visual content whether it’s through memes, IGTV videos, reels or TikTok videos. You need to devise a plan to engage your audience while informing them about your brand. Remember, Optimized Quality content is still the King. Use this time to build your Brand authority through relevant quality content.

5. Social Media Optimization

This is a great time to optimize your brand’s social media profiles and connect with influencers for backlinks.

If you optimize your Social Media properly, you can use this time to boost the follower count with engaging more with your audience online and establish your Brand authority. Brand authority is greatly affected by the signals that social media engagement sends to the search engine.

If you have great engagement on your different social media profiles then it might help you rank better in the search results.

6. Follow the Mobile-first strategy

Last but not the least, you need to optimize your website for mobiles. The mobile first strategy is widely followed by many big and small business brands as most users spend a lot of their time on the phone instead of sitting in front of a Computer screen or a Laptop.

Even Google’s algorithm gives preference to websites which load faster and give a great user experience to users on mobile and rank them higher than the other websites with poor user experience and loading speeds etc.

It is no secret that websites are always ranked differently for mobile users as compared to Desktop users. Users find it easier to explore websites on their phone. So, with the easy to use platforms and UI, users prefer scrolling through their phone instead of the laptops. Therefore, your website must target the mobile phone audience through a mobile first optimized website.

Final verdict

Many users even prefer apps over browsing through websites. For example if you are a restaurant business then it is better for you to optimize your website in the popular food app and provide web based app interface on your website. This will make it is easier for users to use it regardless of which platform they are using.

If you focus your SEO strategy around all these 6 essential elements then you will be able to significantly boost your website SEO. If you have any more questions or would like to add some elements to this list, let me know in the comments.