Are Terminator ATV tires any good?

One of the finest models according to various Amazon reviews by buyers. The traction is proven to scale even the steepest road and hills with ease. The Super ATV Terminator users agreed that this tire could relieve the pressure impacted on the ATV’s shock absorber especially the back.

What do Terminator tires weigh?


Tire Weight
29.5X10X12 41 lb
26.5X10X14 40 lb
28X10X14 46 lb
29.5X10X14 46 lb

How much do 28 Terminators weigh?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Super ATV
Model ‎Terminator
Item Weight ‎46 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎29 x 10 x 29 inches
Item model number ‎TER-28/10/14

What do 29.5 Assassinators weigh?

657 lbs. @ 7 psi (29.5″) 724 lbs….Description.

Tire Size Tire Weight (lbs)
29.5x8x14 53
29.5x10x14 54
32x8x14 60
34x8x14 63

How much do Aztec tires weigh?

32-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and Model Tire Size Weight (lb)
SuperATV Assassinator 32×8-14 60.0
Interco Black Mamba 32.5×10-14 70.0
Interco InterForce II 32×6.5-14 48.9
STI Out & Back Max 32×9.5-14 48.5

How much do Silverbacks tires weigh?

30-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and Model Tire Size Weight (lb)
ITP Mud Lite XXL 30×12-14 38.0
High Lifter Silverback MT2 30-9-14 45.0
Maxxis Mudzilla 30X9-14 35.9
Maxxis Mudzilla 30X11-14 44.0