Lighting creates an interior ambience, and the ambience creates a mood.

We’ve always wanted to have a place in the world where, no matter what happens to you on this day, you can come here with all your defenses and burdens off and be in it with ease – that’s what we want to create an ideal home, and lighting plays an indispensable role in this.

Vonluce is an home d├ęcor online shop. Here, we give you some tips to help you realize your dream of a more comfortable and livable home.

Consider the lighting according to the area

Regardless of whether your home is clearly divided into zones, you should plan the lighting design in your home based on the lighting required for the goals of the activities that the area will carry out. Designs that are too bright or too dark are not good, and too many lamps and lanterns are too stacked or scattered, which also hinders the aesthetics.

Use lighting more compounded

Sometimes you want some corners of the room to be warmer, don’t be afraid to use more light to create it! Use your imagination to use some lighting like fairy lights and other more personalized and creative mood lighting fixtures to create your own personal and warm corner.

Highlight your points

Don’t let the proud designs or art placements in your room get dusted in vain, let them wait for someone to get a glimpse unexpectantly of them. We can accentuate these surprising interiors with clever use of bias lighting or concentrated lighting, making them shine like the protagonists of a play.

Don’t forget the corners

Don’t let the corner be forgotten, place a small side table in the corner with the corresponding decoration and table lamp or a floor lamp with a shape or a chic or simple. Let them illuminate the dark corner of the room, help the line of sight through the whole room, and add some depth to the room and layering to make the room look bigger.

Mix in mirror

4-light wall sconce from Vonluce

In lighting design, mirrors are often forgotten because of too many lamps need to be arranged. In fact, mirrors are also a lighting accessory. It reflects light in the room, making the room appear brighter and larger. Especially if it’s a smaller room, don’t forget that adding a mirror to complement its lighting is also a good option.

Consider natural light

Indoor lighting is a part of the overall indoor light, and another part of the natural light source can not be ignored. When we design interior lighting, we should pay attention to the natural lighting of each part of the house, and it is best to coordinate the interior lighting and natural lighting into a whole.

In addition, well-lit houses are lovely, but sometimes they can make people feel that the light is too strong. To this end, we can also use blinds that can adjust the brightness of the light entering the room to soften the natural light.

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