Can you tour the Johnson Wax building?

Tours of the SC Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower and the adjacent Fortaleza Hall, are available at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Tours for groups of 20 or more may be arranged by appointment. To book a tour, call 262-260-2154 or use the online reservation form – click here.

Where is SC Johnson corporate headquarters?

Racine, Wisconsin, United States
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc./Headquarters

What happened to SC Johnson and wax?

SC Johnson Wax is changing its name to SC Johnson A Family Company. “Over the years our product mix has become more diverse, and we’ve moved away from wax products; so that’s the reason we’re removing it from the corporate name,” said James May, a company spokesman.

Where is the Johnson and Johnson Building?

Racine, Wisconsin
Johnson & Son in Racine, Wisconsin. Designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the company’s president, Herbert F. “Hib” Johnson, the building was constructed from 1936 to 1939….Johnson Wax Headquarters.

Location Racine, Wisconsin
Coordinates 42°42′49″N 87°47′27″WCoordinates: 42°42′49″N 87°47′27″W
Built 1936
Significant dates

Does SC Johnson own Johnson and Johnson?

SC Johnson is a separate, privately held company and has never had any family or business connection with Johnson & Johnson. SC Johnson does not manufacture or sell pharmaceutical products.

Is SC Johnson different than Johnson & Johnson?

Where is the s.c.johnson Wax Headquarters?

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most impressive corporate works, the S.C. Johnson Wax headquarters in Racine is a must stop for architecture buffs. I found it only mildly annoying to sit through a film highlighting the S.C. Johnson family of products and its history.

Is the SC Johnson headquarters open to the public?

Touring the SC Johnson headquarters The serene-looking SC Johnson (Johnson Wax) headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, isn’t open to casual visitors. This is a working campus that houses administrative and research staff. However, regularly scheduled architecture tours are available to the general public.

How to schedule a tour of SC Johnson?

We will continue to provide updates on Facebook at Visit SC Johnson. Schedule your group tour (more than 20) of SC Johnson by emailing the Golden Rondelle or your Wingspread tour by calling 262-681-3353. Allow approximately 15 minutes drive time if you are scheduling both tours in one day.

Is the SC Johnson Wax Museum free to the public?

A big thank you to the nice folks at SC Johnson who have lovingly preserved these 20th-century masterpieces, and who make them available to the public free of charge.