Do weather loaches lay eggs?

The eggs will generally hatch within a few days, and the fry are so small that they will have to fed infusoria or special commercial fry food for up to a week. After this, they can be fed baby brine shrimp and powdered spirulina pellets.

How many eggs do weather loaches lay?

This happens a few times with the female laying anywhere around fifty eggs each of the times and the male fertilizing it. Overall the whole courtship process can take about 3 to 4 hrs. Breeding in a tank is considerably difficult, but the temperature of the water can instigate it.

How can you tell if a weather loach is male or female?

If sexing your weather loaches, look at their pectoral fins. Mature males (as pictured above left) have a thicker and longer second ray, giving them an almost triangular appearance. In the female (pictured right) the pectoral fins are smaller and rounder and she is often fuller in the belly.

How many babies can loaches have?

You will end up with nearly 300 to 400 Kuhli loaches babies/fry when your female Kuhli loaches lay enough eggs. This number can go down to 10 and 50 babies at a time when the water parameters and tank environment doesn’t support them. You have to be extra careful when it comes to breeding Kuhli loaches.

Why is my weather loach going crazy?

As for the twirling (first poster) — if there are changes in barometric pressure, dojos tend to go crazy. They can twirl and race around the tank and dart up and down, becoming little acrobats. It could be that your loach was simply reacting to changes in weather, hence the name “weather loach”.

Can weather loaches live with guppies?

I do have a weather loach atm, and it’s fine with the guppies, fry, and shrimp.

Why are weather loaches banned in Australia?

Weather Loaches are related to minnows and suckers, but most will agree that they look more eel-like with their elongated bodies. Some countries now have banned Weather Loaches because of the risk to aquatic ecosystems – permits are needed to keep a related species (Misgurnus fossilis) in England.

How long does a Loach live?

between 7 and 10 years
Lifespan. The normal lifespan of a Dojo Loach is between 7 and 10 years. As always, life expectancy is impacted by several factors. While they are generally tolerant of a wide range of living conditions, keeping things just right will help these fish live long and healthy lives.

Why is my Loach floating?

Sometimes they do get gas and will be unable to stay down and will float up to the top with their back half just like in your picture. They fart to relieve this. It can be caused by indigestion with harder foods, over feeding, or constipation.

Will weather Loaches eat guppies?

My weather loach just ate one if my guppies! I have a 200 litre tank and all levels are normal. This morning I turned the light on to give them breakfast to be greeted by my female weather loach eating my guppy then going after all the other fish. I feed them all 3 times a day including frozen live food for lunch.

Will Yoyo loach eat guppies?

Your culprit is either your yoyo loach or your betta. If your yoyo loaches are ever chasing away your guppies or bettas, then it’s probably them. If your bettas tail is fine and it’s just the guppies, your betta is most likely the aggressor.

Why is my loach floating?

Do you keep weather loaches in a school?

Weather Loaches are known for their sensitivity to changes in barometric pressure. They are an active fish, but when weather changes take place, they become even more active. This species is one of the few Loaches that does not need to be kept in a school. They get along well with virtually all other fish and provide plenty of action for the tank.

When does a weather loach lay its eggs?

Breeding: Bred commercially as a food-fish and for the ornamental fish trade. In nature, the fish spawn during the Monsoon season during flooding. The male wraps himself around the female and eggs and sperm are released. The eggs settle in the substrate.

How does the weather affect a loach fish?

Higher temperatures stress the fish and can shorten their lives. Also, in warmer waters Weather Loaches are more susceptible to infections. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus is highly variable in colouring and can range from a brassy, almost metallic colour to a dull brown.

How long has a yoyo loach been bearing eggs?

One of my yoyo loaches has been bearing eggs for about one month. I know this because she became very large and round very quickly. She often buries herself beneath a log on her side to hide away.