Does Arata become a demon lord?

Along with his Imperium Thema of the Superbia Archive, he became an authentic Demon lord, gaining the Trinity Form and even performing Paladin level techniques. Additionally, he is able to see Spirits as one of the few people chosen by the world.

Is Arata Astral Trinity?

Astral Trinity is the Demon Lord entity residing within Arata Kasuga whose destiny is to destroy the world along with the Trinity Seven ….Astral Trinity.

Astral Trinity アストラル・トリニティ (Asutoraru Toriniti)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Demon
Relatives Arata Kasuga (Host)

Who does Arata Kasuga fall in love with?

In chapter 56 she declared that she is in love with Arata. Yui Kurata – Arata first encountered Yui when she dragged him to her dream world to save him from being annihilated by Akio. In her dream world, he would first meet her idealized self.

Who does Kasuga end up with?

The three roughhouse and Kasuga tells Nakamura that he is happy that she didn’t disappear. Later, Kasuga is in college and still dating Tokiwa, who is working on another novel. After falling asleep, Kasuga dreams of the wilting flower of evil, its scar no longer present on his hand.

Who is the antagonist in Trinity Seven?

Abyss Trinity is the main antagonist of the manga series Trinity Seven and a cameo appearance in the OVA. He is a Crimson Magic King who tried to destroy Arata’s world alongside his own in order to rebel against the system of destruction and re-creation.

How does Arata become the demon lord Trinity?

Due to his nature as a Candidate, Arata can transform into Demon Lord Astral Trinity under stressful situations. Under the influence of Astral, Arata’s magic and strength is augmented enough to overwhelm grimoires and the Trinity Seven. Arata himself is also aware of the Demon Lord’s actions during the possession.

Who is the demon lord of Arata Kasuga?

Astral Trinity is the Demon Lord entity residing within Arata Kasuga whose destiny is to destroy the world along with the Trinity Seven . In comparison to his host Arata, Astral Trinity possesses cold and ruthless demeanor, normally acting in an assertive manner when dealing the objects of his desire.

Who was the last Trinity Seven demon lord?

Liese, the last Trinity Seven, appears in the Eternal Library bearing a demon lord seal, making her a demon lord candidate, as well. She tries to entice Arata to join the evil mage side to help save Hijiri, and kisses Arata while he’s unsure what to do. Arata has his magic stolen from him, and Liese decides to attack the school.

How is Arata related to Hijiri in Trinity Seven?

Despite this, Arata does not hold her actions against her and still treats her normally. However, he initially was not sure how to act around her because of her identical resemblance to Hijiri. Nevertheless, they eventually become very close over time.