Does Watch the Throne have a vinyl?

JAY-Z – Watch The Throne – Vinyl.

When did watch the throne deluxe come out?

August 8, 2011
Watch the Throne/Release date

Is there an official graduation vinyl?

unofficial import version, never released officially on vinyl. WEST’s third album was one of his tightest and sleekest, designer beats to match his designer clothes.

Will there be a Watch The Throne 2?

Kanye West and JAY-Z May Release ‘Watch the Throne 2’ in Late 2021.

Is the life of Pablo on vinyl?

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo hasn’t been officially released on vinyl, but on Saturday during Record Store Day, vinyl copies of the album were reportedly sold in record stores, Fader reports. According to The Vinyl Factory, the label behind the release called themselves #tidalforall.

What Kanye albums are on vinyl?

Kanye West has garnered a big following in pop music….Some of Wests albums that have been released on vinyl include:

  • Late Registration.
  • The College Dropout.
  • Graduation.
  • 808’s & Heartbreak.
  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
  • Ye.

Is there a Kanye graduation vinyl?

Kanye West – Graduation (2019, Purple, Vinyl) – Discogs.

Did Kanye West release a graduation vinyl?

Graduation is the third studio album by American rapper and producer Kanye West, released on September 11, 2007, through Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records….Graduation (album)

Released September 11, 2007
Recorded 2005–2007
Studio Chung King and Sony Music (New York City) Chalice and Record Plant (Los Angeles)

Why is watch the throne not on Spotify?

The collaborative album was originally removed from the streaming service in April 2017, β€œat the request of the artist,” according to representatives of JAY-Z. JAY-Z is of course one of the major stakeholders in TIDAL, in direct competition with Spotify.

Is Yeezus on vinyl?

Earlier this year Kanye West announced that 2013’s “Yeezus packaging was an open casket to CDs” and he would no longer be releasing physical versions of any of his music. And although Yeezus was actually made available in cassette tape form in 2015, it was never released as an official vinyl.