How do I find the mainframe version of DB2?

There is a DISPLAY GROUP command for DB2 on z/OS®. The data returned from this command includes the version number. For example, if your DB2 command prefix is -D91C, then input /-D91C DISPLAY GROUP from SD.

How do I know if DB2 is installed Windows?

On Windows, click Start and, select Programs -> IBM DB2 -> [ DB2 Copy Name ] -> General Administration Tools -> Control Center. On Linux systems, type the db2cc command. In the left pane of the Control Center screen, expand the object tree to view the SAMPLE database and SAMPLE database objects.

How do I install DB2 on Windows 10?

To install Db2 on a Windows operating system, complete the following steps:

  1. Log on with a user ID that has Administrator authority on Windows.
  2. Use the extracted Db2 installation image.
  3. In the DB2 Setup Launchpad, click Install a Product.
  4. Click Install New for DB2 Version 11.1 Workgroup, Enterprise and Advanced Editions.

How install IBM DB2 Linux?


  1. Insert and mount the appropriate DVD.
  2. Change to the directory where the DVD is mounted.
  3. Enter the ./db2setup command to start the DB2 Setup wizard.
  4. Choose Install a Product when the DB2 Launchpad opens.
  5. Select the client you want to install.
  6. Follow the DB2 Setup wizard’s prompts.


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How do I find my ZOS version?

Type SD on you command line to navigate to SDSF primary option menu and issue the “WHO” command, this should return you some useful information like Terminal type , OS version , JES Name etc.