How do you cheat on chocobo races?

7th time: Aya (from Parasite Eve), press L1+L2. 8th time: Original Chocobo (non super-deformed cutesy style), press R1+R2. 9th time: Highwind ff6 (non super-deformed cutesy style), press L2+R2. 10th time: Running man (dunno), press L1+R1.

How do you speed up chocobo races?

The only way to get the speed higher will be to breed it with a Chocobo that has higher speed, or breed it with a Chocobo that has the same speed, and hope that you’ll get some lucky odds at a better Chocobo.

How do I regain stamina in Chocobo race?

In the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy VII, you could hold R1 and R2 to slowly restore stamina during races.

How do you unlock squall Chocobo Racing?

Accepted Answer

  1. To unlock squall from Final Fantasy VIII (one of my favourites) you need to beat story mode twice and then do the FF VIII track to win him. User Info: Eclipsed_Light.
  2. You have to save the customized racer in order to trigger the new character first. User Info: HighVoltage103.

How do you get an S class Chocobo?

To advance the Chocobo’s class, you’ll need to race it at the Gold Saucer, and win races. Note however that not every chocobo can advance to the S class: Yellow chocobos can reach B class, but rarely A class, while Blue, Green, Black and Gold can easily reach S class.

What Greens increase chocobo speed?

Gysahl Greens, Sylkis Greens, and Tantal Greens appear as items. They activate during Field Music Sequences and improve the speed of the Chocobo the player summons, if they manage to summon one.

How do you get a racing chocobo?

Chocobo racing is unlocked by completing “So You Want to Be a Jockey”. Players can start the quest by talking to Race Chocobo Registrar in the Gold Saucer (x6,y4), and must select their first racing chocobo.

How do you control Chocobo in ff7?

Before the race begins, you’ll probably want to press [SELECT] and take manual control of your Chocobo. During the race, holding [R1 + R2] to continually recover your stamina is absolutely essential, especially in the higher classes.

What is endurance Chocobo Racing?

Endurance is a Racing Chocobo Stat that affects how long your chocobo can run before becoming exhausted. Endurance makes the Lathered status last less time on you, which has a subtle benefit when you’re budgeting: it means you spend less time decelerating before you can accelerate again.

What is the best “greens” to feed a Chocobo?

Gysahl Greens satisfy the chocobo’s hunger (moderate amount) and slightly raises affection.

  • Sharug Greens satisfy the chocobo’s hunger (moderate amount) and increases the chocobo’s affection dramatically.
  • Azouph Greens satisfy the chocobo’s hunger (highest amount) and increase the chocobo’s affection dramatically.
  • How can I get a gold Chocobo?

    Aside from breeding, the player can acquire a gold chocobo by defeating Ruby Weapon and giving the item it drops, the Desert Rose, to the Kalm traveler. However, a gold chocobo obtained this way has poor stats compared to gold chocobos bred by the player. The gold chocobo is called the Sky Chocobo, and is Choco ‘s final evolution.

    Is Chocobo Racing multiplayer?

    Does Chocobo Racing have Co-op or Multiplayer? Yes. Chocobo Racing supports Multiplayer. How many players can play in Chocobo Racing? Chocobo Racing supports up to 2 players.