How long does it take to go round the Royal Observatory?

Depends how long you take to walk as the pace is up to the individual person. Need minium of 1.5 hours but allow 2 hours I suggest. over a year ago. I did it in about an hour but I could have done it for two easily.

How much does it cost to get into the Cutty Sark?

Current prices

Location Adult Child
Cutty Sark £15 £7.50
National Maritime Museum Free entry Free entry
Queen’s House Free entry Free entry
Day Pass (Observatory and Cutty Sark) £24.80 £12.40

How much does it cost to get into the Maritime Museum?

The National Maritime Museum is free, but you must have a timed entry ticket to visit, even if you’re a Member. We recommend booking online in advance to avoid disappointment. As well as our free galleries, we also host a number of special exhibitions throughout the year.

Is Royal Observatory free?

Visit the free interactive galleries at the Royal Observatory’s Astronomy Centre to get answers to all the big questions about space, time and the universe – all completely free of charge.

How long do I need at Cutty Sark?

I would say an hour to an hour and a half for the Cutty Sark. Two to two and a half hours for the observatory (there is a lot there) and about the same for the Maritime museum.

What days are Greenwich market open?

Opening Times Monday to Sunday and Bank Holidays: 10:00am to 5:30pm. Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday: arts, crafts, designer makers.

How long does it take to go around the National Maritime Museum?

over a year ago. We went with our teenage children and managed the tour in 2 hours. It will depend on how much or how quickly you read the information around the museum. Definitely worth a visit.

Where is India’s first maritime museum located?

According to a statement from the Culture Ministry, the world-class facility will be developed in the vicinity of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) site in Lothal, located about 80 km away from Ahmedabad.

Can you see the meridian line for free?

You can see the Meridian Line through the fence without paying the fee. Obviously, you can’t stand on it without paying to go in. You can get a discounted ticket for the Observatory plus the Cutty Sark for 18.50 pounds.

Where to get refreshments at the Royal Observatory?

You can also pick up refreshments from stalls just outside the main entrance to the Observatory, or head towards the Parkside Café just down the hill at the National Maritime Museum. Find the perfect museum gift, from books and prints to models, toys and games.

When is the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich Open?

Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates about our sites, booking tickets and what’s happening at Royal Museums Greenwich Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory Greenwich, National Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House are now open daily from 10am-5pm.

Is the Royal Observatory in Greenwich open to the public?

The Harrison timekeepers are some of the most treasured objects in Royal Museums Greenwich – but why were these precise instruments made in the first place? All our museums and attractions, including the Royal Observatory, are now open.

Where is the National Maritime Museum in London?

National Maritime Museum. Visit the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. Discover epic stories of exploration and endeavour that have shaped our world today.