How long is a curved shower curtain rod?

Moen Adjustable Curved Shower Rod Fits standard 72 by 72-inch shower curtains.

What size curved shower rod do I need?

You also don’t want the shower curtain to touch the floor, ideally. The average shower curtain is 72 inches (or 138 centimeters) in length so in most circumstances you will want to install the curved shower curtain rod with at least two inches of clearance from the floor – 74 inches.

Do they make curved shower rods for shower stalls?

Curved rods are usually installed closer to the back wall of the shower than a straight rod. The rod must be back far enough so that the curtain is able to be tucked behind the lip of your shower stall.

What is the purpose of a curved shower rod?

A curved shower rod pushes the shower curtain away from the shower stall, creating more room in the shower for moving around. This isconvenient for handicapped people who may require additional room to get in and out of the shower and maneuver around the shower stall itself.

What is the point of a curved shower rod?

A curved shower rod will allow you to enjoy up to 33% more room than using a straight rod. This is because of the outward bulging design that makes it curve in more space from the bathroom into the shower area.

What is a double curved shower rod?

The Neo-Angle Double Shower Curtain Rod is a The Neo-Angle Double Shower Curtain Rod is a decorative and functional addition to your bathroom. Designed to separate curtain and liner, each rod is made of solid brass. Superior quality and corrosion resistance make this accessory a lasting addition.

How do tension shower rods work?

A tension rod uses a spring and a screw to create tension between the rod and the wall. They are fully adjustable as well. The concept is basic. Two pieces of metal or plastic fit inside each other. A coil spring is placed inside the rod and pushes one piece against the other.

What is a double shower curtain?

A decorative double swag shower curtain, made in a vintage style with attached ruffled valances on the top and along the side edge of the piece. The shower curtain also has two tie backs on sides, which gives it an old-fashioned, classy vibe.