How many gallons is AquaBasin 45?

The AquaBasin 45 handles pump flow rates up 4,000 gallons per hour and can store up to 98 gallons of water.

How big is AquaBasin 45?

AquaBasin – 30 & 45 30″ x 30″ x 10″ and 44.5″ x 44.5″ x16″ – Flat Rate Shipping.

What is a disappearing fountain?

A Disappearing Fountain is a great way to add the sound and movement of water to your garden! Water is pumped from a hidden reservoir buried in the ground, through the fountain piece and then seemingly disappears back into the ground. Traditional choices are decorative pots, statues, fountains or waterfalls.

What are Aqua blocks?

Aqua Blocks™ are an attractive way to keep your pool’s winter cover in place all season long. Simply place the Aqua Blocks™ around the edge of your pool cover, fill with water from your garden hose and snap on the top lid. In the spring, simply remove the lid and tip the Aqua Blocks™ over to drain.

How much weight can Aqua blocks hold?

The load-bearing top will support up to 5,472 pounds per square foot, providing years of trouble-free enjoyment and allowing for installation in a wide variety of situations. Aquascape AquaBlox are easier to clean, less prone to clogging, and come complete with the top, bottom, two sides and four structural supports.

What kind of water basin does aquascape aquabasin 45 use?

The Aquascape AquaBasin® 45 is the ideal water basin for a wide variety of decorative water features, including stone, brass, ceramic, and resin fountains. The basin is constructed of professional-grade, high-density polyethylene and backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure years of satisfaction.

Can a aquabasin be used as a waterfall?

The square shape reduces water loss due to splash off and maximizes water storage capacity and drainage slots throughout the deck maximize water circulation. The AquaBasin 45 can also be used to create a small waterfall.

What kind of Fountain do I need with aquascape?

Aquascape AquaBasins® make decorative water feature installations quick, easy, and trouble-free. Install natural stone fountains, bubbling urns, spillway bowls, and even small waterfalls with ease.

How many gallons does an aquabasin fountain hold?

Its holds about 25 gallons, has an easy access point to the pump in one corner, is drilled for a center hose up to the fountain and other hose holes can be drilled almost anywhere in the top.