How much does a pole barn kit cost?

Pole Barn Kit Pricing. The average cost of a pole barn building can range anywhere from $4,000-$50,000. Larger, residential pole barn prices can go up to $100,000. When determining the exact price of a pole barn, the most important factor is size. *All prices shown below do not include any optional items and are designed to a 20 lb roof snow load.

How tall are the posts on a pole barn?

Many builders put posts on 9 foot centers weakening the infrastructure. Trusses are placed on 4 foot centers. Other builders place trusses on 4-1/2 foot centers, again, weakening the structure, shorting materials.

Where can I get a quote for pole barn?

Please note: Pricing shown is subject to change due to market conditions. For current pricing please contact your local Curtis Lumber store. Request a Quote! Request a Quote! Request a Quote!

How big is a standard Hansen pole barn?

Our 12′ eave and 14′ pole barn kits come with all the same components included in a standard Hansen Building kit. The only difference is they’re big enough to be used for workshops, vehicle storage, horse barns, and or even houses.

How big is a pole barns garage door?

Pole Barns Direct can help you think outside the box for your storage solution. Starting price includes: (4) 12×12 garage doors, (1) man door, (2) sliding windows, wainscot

What do you use a jackite pole for?

I typically use my 31-foot Jackite pole to support a vertical wire along the outside of the pole. I have also used them to support lightweight dipoles and a variety of end-fed wire antennas. One trip to your local hardware store will get you everything you need for this project.

Is the jackite antenna up for a week?

My Jackite pole will be up for a week and facing some stiff ocean breezes. [ This is an updated description of the drive-on antenna support that I have been using for many years. This version originally appeared in the July 2016 edition of QRP Quarterly in the “Idea Exchange” column. You can still find the older article here.]