How much is Reddam House school fees?

Each accepted applicant is sent a formal letter of acceptance with a request for payment of a once off, non-refundable Enrolment Fee of R15 000 for tuition enrolment; R20 000 for tuition and boarding enrolment. Once Reddam House is in receipt of this fee the applicant’s place at Reddam House is secure.

Is Reddam House IEB?

Reddam House Constantia is a top-performing IEB school, providing a strong academic foundation for all students. Our school is fully equipped with world class facilities, including art, drama, dance and music studios, computer and science labs, a huge hall and a well-resourced library.

Is Reddam House a good school?

It made a splash; within a few years of opening in 2001, Reddam hit the Higher School Certificate top 20 schools, and has since become the only school regularly in the top 10 that does not require an entrance test.

What is the best school in Cape Town?

Top 10 Best High Schools In Cape Town

  • Claremont High School.
  • Trafalgar High School.
  • Windsor High School.
  • Wynberg Boys’ High School.
  • The American International School of Cape Town.
  • Cape Town French International School.
  • Westerford High School.
  • Range High School.

How old is Reddam Constantia?

In 2000, he founded Reddam House. His impressive track record spans more than two decades and since 1993 Graeme Crawford’s schools have educated more than 32,000 students. Sheena Crawford-Kempster embarked on a successful educational career in 1981.

Who owns most expensive house in South Africa?

1. Cassper Nyovest. Cassper’s house tops the list of the most expensive celebrity houses in South Africa. The 29-year old rapper owns a luxury home in Kyalami, Johannesburg.

How much does it cost to go to Reddam House?

REDDAM HOUSE BERKSHIRE. Fees. Our fees are reviewed annually. Fees for session 2020/21 are: Early Learning School. 3 months to 4+ years. £61 – £75 per day*. Registration fee: £100. Deposit: £250, which is refunded in the first month’s fees.

How are sibling fees calculated at Reddam House?

5)Sibling fee: The eldest child is charged at the standard fee rate, thereafter each younger sibling is charged at the reduced sibling rate of their relevant grade. 6)For Grade 12, ten monthly payments by debit order, the amounts to be debited on 01/01/2017, thereafter on the last day of each month commencing 30/01/2017, ending 30/09/2017.

What makes Reddam House School a good school?

At Reddam House Sydney, we are proud to be a co-educational school where each student is valued as a unique individual. Here, education is designed to ignite passion in our students; encouraging their innate potential while engaging them in multidisciplinary immersion across the curriculums in a non-denominational setting.

Do you have to quote Your Reddam House account number?

Only electronic transfers are accepted. Quote your Reddam House account number when doing an electronic transfer. 2)Full annual amount paid after 11/11/2016 but before 01/01/2017. Only electronic transfers are accepted. Quote your Reddam House account number when doing an electronic transfer.