Is Cerwin-Vega a good brand?

It developed different departments and was bought by other companies, so today, the Cerwin-Vega mobile division—which produces car audio equipment—is an integral part of Diamond Audio Technologies. It can be considered one of the best car speaker brands.

Did Cerwin-Vega go out of business?

The Cerwin-Vega brand remains split across two companies; Gibson for Cerwin-Vega and CVDA Holdings for Cerwin-Vega Mobile.

What happened to Cerwin-Vega speakers?

Gibson has sold two more audio brands—Cerwin-Vega! Pro and Home—to Cerwin-Vega Mobile, reuniting the brands for the first time in 13 years. All three brands using the Cerwin-Vega name have been reunited as one company. Nashville, TN (July 12, 2020)—Gibson has sold two more of its audio brands—Cerwin-Vega!

Are old Cerwin Vega speakers good?

In general, Cerwin Vega speakers have great sound quality. They have a wide frequency response that gives them a deep bass. Most of the models don’t have any distortion in the sound.

Is Cerwin Vega a good amp?

I think this amp is a previous-year model, so it may be somewhat difficult to find. However, if your needs lean toward the space-saving, but you don’t want to give up good sound quality, I highly recommend the Cerwin-Vega Stealth 800.5 as a great little performer at a very reasonable price.

Are Cerwin Vega speakers good speakers?

Outstanding sound Cerwin Vega has a reputation for great bass, but these 3-way speakers also provide great mid-range and highs. I have found no flaws in the black cabinets which separate the 12-inch woofers from the floor by 8 inches. I highly recommend these speakers.

Is Cerwin Vega a good subwoofer?

All their products they make are AMAZING!! I would recommend this to anyone looking for strong quality subwoofers built to last a long time. I had no issues with my speakers or having my car stink up. I’ve being a long time fan of Cerwin Vega, I know they make the best!

Is Diamond Audio any good?

The president of Diamond Audio is now involved with Rockford Fosgate, which you are beginning to see in both company’s new lines. Its definitely still decent gear, just not the same as it was in the beginning. Either way, there is definitely a lot worse stuff out there you could run than Diamond.

Are Diamond speakers good?

Item quality is excellent. Material construction and fit/finish of all parts is very good. The speakers are light-weight composite baskets with appropriate diamond audio rubber boots on the magnets. Cones seem like stiff plastic with deposited aluminum on them.

Is Diamond Audio waterproof?

2D – DXM 2-Channel Full Range Class D Waterproof Amplifier – Diamond Audio Technology – 2020 – Best Sounding Mobile and Marine Audio Products.

What kind of speakers does Cerwin Vega make?

Cerwin Vega the Loud Speaker Company. For more than 50 years Cerwin Vega has set the standard for high performance professional and home audio sound with the right products, at the right prices and award-winning innovations. Cerwin Vega pro audio, home audio, floorstanding, bookshelf, center-channel, subwoofer, speakers and amplifiers.

What kind of CVP does Cerwin Vega have?

CVE-12 CVE-15 CVE-18s CVXL Series Passive Series CVP CVP-118 CVP-121 CVP-1152 CVP-2153 CVi Portable CVi-152 CVi-252 CVi-118S CVi-122M CVi-218S iNTENSE!

What’s the rating of the Cerwin Vega E 715?

As residential Cerwin Vegas go on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give these an 8.5. I still long for the dual midrange drivers and I wish there were discrete fuses or circuit breakers on the back panel for all the drivers like there used to be.

How big is the treble on a Cerwin Vega?

The treble is not as open as the Klipsch (modded crossovers) less air around the performance….but all I’ve done is put them 3 1/2 inches in front of the front wall with no toe in. Moving around the room, I can hear some directionality from the horn mid and tweeter.