Is driving in Poland easy?

As someone who was born and raised in Poland, I would say yes, it can be difficult. You will start your journey in one of the biggest cities in Poland – Warsaw or Krakow – and driving there is not easy. As in most large metropolitan cities, people are in a rush going to work, meetings or trying to make it home.

What is it like driving in Poland?

In terms of driving in Poland, it is not very different to driving in other parts of Europe with the exception, however, that you should not expect it to be leisurely, relaxed experience unless on some country lanes. Our main roads tend to be congested with lorry traffic, so the predominant driving style is quite fast.

Is it safe to travel by car in Poland?

Hiring a car and driving around Poland is the best way to travel independently. However, many visitors claim Poland is one of the worst places to drive in Europe. Poland has some of the worst roads, and there are a large number of drivers who do not meet accepted European driving skill levels.

Do I need a vignette to drive in Poland?

Motorways (A) They are accurately signed and well-paved, and very easy for a foreigner to navigate. A large portion of Polish motorways are toll roads. You do not need to purchase a vignette, however – there are toll gates along the motorways for toll collection. The typical price is 0.2 zł [0.046 EUR] per kilometer.

What documents do I need to drive in Poland?

You must carry a driving licence, ID, original vehicle-registration papers, ownership documents and insurance papers when you drive. You will need to show these documents if you are stopped by the police or if you cross non-Schengen borders. This includes rental vehicles.

Does Poland drive on the right?

In Poland and Lithuania, countries which drive on the right-hand side of the road, for the purpose of registration of a motor vehicle, the steering system must be placed on the left-hand side of the vehicle or be repositioned to that side if it was previously located on the right-hand side.

What do I need when driving to Poland?

What is the alcohol limit in Poland?

The legal limit

Country Standard BAC limit (g/l)
Malta 0.8
Netherland 0.5
Poland 0.2
Portugal 0.5

Can I travel by car from UK to Poland?

Travelling to Poland by car from England is safe and easy when you choose P&O Ferries. This journey will take you through Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, so it’s important to check COVID-19 guidelines for each country before you travel to Poland from England by car.

How do you pay tolls in Poland?

How to pay motorway toll in Poland? Motorway charges are collected in the form of tolls, which can be paid in cash, by credit card or by fuel card directly at the toll gates. Some parts can also be paid via the mobile app (A1 AmberGo, A4 Autopay and e-Toll) or a prepaid KardA4.

Do you pay road tax in Poland?

The tax is levied on legal owners of the aforementioned vehicles and ranges between €145 and €550, depending on a given vehicle and its capacity. Tax is payable in two equal instalments – the first one by 15th February and the second one by 15th September of a given calendar year.

Is it easy to drive a car in Poland?

Hi, Driving in Poland is not easy for American people. Most of drivers do not respect speed limit, so the car going 80 Mph in a city, or 110 Mph on a country road (not Express Way) is nothing unusual. You will have to change your driving habits for the period of stay in Poland.

Can you rent a car in Poland without an IDP?

There is no way to rent a car in Poland while one has arrived in Poland without having a document International Driving Permit that can be only issued back in USA. This means that driving any car without the IDP is illegal in Poland. If this is how Poland wants to ‘attract’ American tourists,…

Is it possible to travel to Poland from other countries?

Rail services into Poland from other countries are now suspended. Although transport into Poland by road and sea from other EU countries is possible, only those with a reason, such as work, are supposed to cross the border by boat or car. See How To Get To Kraków for full details of how to travel by land

Are there any car rental companies in Poland?

Most of drivers do not respect speed limit, so the car going 80 Mph in a city, or 110 Mph on a country road (not Express Way) is nothing unusual. You will have to change your driving habits for the period of stay in Poland. Most of the international car rental companies like Avis, Hertz ale present in Poland. 2.