Is it hard to get into ECU Honors College?

The Honors College at East Carolina University is highly prestigious, and it is extremely difficult to get in. In fact, it is pretty difficult to be able to apply to it. You have to have a minimum GPA and minimum test score, but if you meet the requirements then it is well worth your time to apply!

What is ECU application deadline?

Each year, ECU welcomes about 2,400 new transfer students….Transfer Dates & Deadlines.

Semester Application Deadline
Summer 2021 April 26, 2021
Fall 2021 June 28, 2021
Spring 2022 TBD, November 2021

What GPA do you need to get into ECU Honors College?

3.3 GPA
The Honors College award is granted for a total of eight continuous semesters at East Carolina University if the student maintains a cumulative 3.3 GPA and remains in good standing in the Honors College.

Is it too late to apply for ECU?

Submit a completed application for undergraduate admission to East Carolina University by the priority deadline of October 18. Meet the following minimum criteria within high school achievement categories: Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5 and/or minimum weighted GPA of 4.0.

Is ECU honors college free?

It is a tuition only scholarship. The EC Scholars Award Program provides students with a scholarship valued at nearly $64,000, honors level coursework, research opportunities, and a required study abroad experience.

Does ECU require SAT 2022?

Freshmen applying for the Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 terms will not be required to submit standardized (ACT or SAT) test scores to be reviewed for admission. Please note that students applying for terms in 2023 and beyond may be required to submit standardized test scores for admission review.

Is ECU a party school?

ECU claims the No. 5 ranking on Playboy’s list of the top 10 party schools in the United States. No other colleges or universities in the Carolinas made the list.

Is there an application fee for ECU?

Each has a $75 nonrefundable application fee.

Does everyone get invited to apply to Honors College?

Not necessarily. The Honors College selects top students from each school, based on that school’s pool of admitted students. It is possible you could be invited to be part of the Honors College through one school, and not through another.