Is Kentucky a certificate of need state?

While numerous states have repealed the laws, Kentucky is one of 18 states that continues to require a “certificate of need” to open a home health agency.

What states are certificate of need?

State Legislative Actions

  • 35 states currently maintain some form of CON program.
  • At least 10 states—Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and Washington—enacted legislation in 2019 to modify CON oversight for certain health facilities and services.

How do I get a certificate of need?

How to Obtain a Certificate of Need

  1. Letter of Intent. The first step for an applicant is to send a letter of intent to the SHPDA.
  2. Public Notice.
  3. Waiting Period.
  4. Pre Application Conference.
  5. Application Submission.
  6. Completeness Review.
  7. SHPDA Staff Review.
  8. Public Hearings During Review.

Is Ohio a con state?

Like many other states, Ohio has a CON process in place for long-term care services and facilities. Winning approval for a CON application is often a time consuming and difficult undertaking.

Is Pennsylvania a certificate of need state?

By 2000, Indiana, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania had repealed their programs. This brought the number of states with CON programs to 36 (and DC). Since 2000, Wisconsin is the only state to repeal its program.

Why is Certificate of Need important?

Certificates of need are necessary for the construction of medical facilities in 35 states and are issued by state health care agencies: Section 1122 was enacted because many states resisted any form of regulation dealing with health facilities and services.

What are the three main powers the federal government has to influence public health?

The areas of public health responsibility include (1) assuring an adequate local public health infrastructure, (2) promoting healthy communities and healthy behaviors, (3) preventing the spread of communicable disease, (4) protecting against environmental health hazards, (5) preparing for and responding to emergencies.

Why do you need a certificate of need in Kentucky?

The Kentucky certificate of need process prevents the proliferation of health care facilities, health services and major medical equipment that increase the cost of quality health care in the commonwealth.

What is the purpose of Certificate of need in Georgia?

What is a Certificate-of-Need (CON)? Georgia’s Certificate of Need Program was codified by the Georgia legislature in 1979 in Georgia’s Health Planning Statute, Title 31, Chapter 6. The purpose of the CON program is to insure the availability of adequate health care services to meet the need of all Georgians, while

What do you need to know about certificate of need?

12/1/2019 Certificate of Need (CON) laws are state regulatory mechanisms for establishing or expanding health care facilities and services in a given area. In a state with a CON program, a state health planning agency must approve major capital expenditures for certain health care facilities.

What does the employability certificate in Kentucky mean?

Kentucky Employability Certificate – The Kentucky Employability Certificate confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic skills in reading, math and finding information – skills that all jobs require. The certificate is a standardized credential that says the holder is job ready.