Is Kharagpur longest railway platform?

Kharagpur Junction has the third longest railway platform in India with a length of 1,072.5 metre. Kharagpur Junction came up in 1898-99.

Why is Kharagpur famous?

The first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur), one of the Institutes of National Importance, was founded in Kharagpur in May 1950….

Country India
State West Bengal
District Paschim Medinipur
Named for Railway settlement, India’s first IIT, Largest city in West Midnapur district

Who is largest platform of India?

Gorakhpur railway station
Currently, Gorakhpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh is the longest operational platform. 1,366 meter-long, it was renovated in 2013, and also serves as the headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway (NER).

Which is the largest platform railway station in India?

Which is the 2nd largest railway station in India?

Kollam Junction, Kerala Kollam Junction railway station is the second longest Railway Platforms of India with an length of 1,180.5 m and second largest railway station in Kerala in terms of area after Shoranur Junction.

Which is the train platform at Kharagpur Junction?

Platform nos. 1 and 3, and 2 and 4 of Kharagpur Junction are contiguous. The 24 coach Coromandel Express stops at the start of platform no. 3 and its tail extends some distance into platform no. 1. ALOO Khasa is one of the famous dish found at the Kharagpur railway platform.

Which is the longest railway platform in India?

There are 6 platforms at Sonpur Junction and also the city will have India’s longest road-cum-rail bridge called Ganga Rail-Road Bridge. Nabadwip Dham Platform, West Bengal – Nabadwip Dham Station has 3 Railway Stations and one of them has the longest Railway Platform with the total length of 720 m (2,362 ft).

Which is the fastest train between Hijli and Kharagpur?

In order to increase passenger commute between Kharagpur and Hijli, new EMU services have been introduced between these two stations. The Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line is classified under Route A of Indian Railways which allows trains to run at maximum permissible speed of 160 km/hr.

How did the city of Kharagpur get its name?

Kharagpur received its name from the twelfth king of the Mallabhum dynasty, Kharga Malla, when he conquered it. Kharagpur was a part of the Hijli Kingdom and ruled by Hindu Oriya rulers as a feudatory under Gajapati Kings of Odisha. Historians claim that in the 16th century, Kharagpur was still a small village surrounded by dense forests.