Is the Honda CB1000R a sports car?

The Honda CB1000R has built its reputation on powerful, understated performance combined with cutting-edge Neo-Sports Café styling. And for 2021 we’ve done it one better: Introducing the CB1000R Black Edition. The blackout look is apparent at a glance, but the closer you look, the more attention to detail you’ll see.

What does the CB1000R Black Edition look like?

The CB1000R Black Edition is a standout both when it comes to performance and how it looks. And it hasn’t just been dipped in black paint either—we use special black plating and black anodizing on parts like the front suspension, rear subframe, swingarm-pivot plates, handlebar clamp, the entire exhaust system, and more.

What is the rider triangle on a Honda CB1000R?

Forged (not cast) pistons make it as strong as it is powerful. We call it the rider triangle—where your butt hits the seat, where your feet rest on the pegs, and where your hands grip the bar. By opening up the triangle on the CB1000R Black Edition, you sit up a little straighter, which gives you a higher vantage point.

When does the Honda CB1000R Black Edition come out?

The 2021 Black Edition is scheduled for release in May 2021, and is the only version of the CB1000R platform that will make it to U.S. Shores this year. Honda plans to ask $12,999 MSRP for its stoplight burner with a dark streak a mile wide. 2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition Competitors

Where can I buy a Honda CB1000R case?

Honda CBR1000RR ’04-’07 and Honda CB1000R ’08-, Honda CB1000R+ ’18- left side crank case cover. Extensively used around the world by thousands of road riders, track day enthusiasts, the California Superbike School (USA) and the Chris Walker Race School (UK).

What are the bones of a Honda CB1000R black?

The bones of the CB1000R Black are a direct carryover from last year. It rocks tubular-steel members built around a mono-backbone structure for strength with aluminum swingarm pivot plates for some more lightweight reinforcement at those stress points.