Is there a roster update for NBA 2K14?

Check out the changelog for complete details. NBA 2K14 PC roster updates from Medevenx have returned for the ongoing 2016-2017 NBA season! This mod, titled “Med’s NBA Roster” (formerly “Med’s Ultimate Roster”) updates your NBA rosters to the latest transactions with new players, jerseys, coaches, etc.

Are there any challenging games in NBA 2K14?

There are a few challenging games to play, but if you pay attention to the other players on the court, then you can get to the goal and score more of the time. NBA 2K14 allows you to customize the players who are on the team, giving them the skills that the team needs in order to win.

Who is LeBron James in NBA 2K14?

Hit the court with one of your favorite basketball teams in NBA 2K14. This version of the game features the talents of LeBron James. There is a mode in the game all about him, making it easy for his fans to play as him through his career. There are also leagues in the game from Europe.

What was the outcome of the NBA Playoffs in 2016?

The 2016 NBA playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s 2015–16 season. The tournament ended with the Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers defeating the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors 4 games to 3 after the Warriors led the series 3 games to 1.

Who are the Atlanta Hawks in NBA 2k21?

Atlanta Hawks on NBA 2K21 # Player OVR 3PT DNK 1. Trae Young PG | 6’1″ | Inside-Out Playm 87 83 30 2. Clint Capela C | 6’10” | Glass-Cleaning 86 25 80 3. John Collins PF / C | 6’9″ | 3-Level Sc 85 82 93 4. De’Andre Hunter SF / PF | 6’7″ | Sharps 81 81 70

Who are the members of the Atlanta Hawks?

Roster Table No. Player Pos Exp 6 Pero Antić C mk 1 24 Kent Bazemore SG us 2 7 Elton Brand C us 15 5 DeMarre Carroll SF us 5

What is the file structure of NBA 2K14?

In this post, we’ll be sharing the file structure of NBA 2k14 for modding purposes. Those who create mods can now know which file corresponds to which file and those who use mods, can know which file they are replacing so they can create backups.