Many new businesses take advantage of web design services to do everything from developing online stores with shopping carts and security features to connecting to more potential customers and increasing sales. It’s the reason why the industry has been growing so quickly, as IBISWorld recently reported, even faster than the technology sector overall.

If your website is starting to look stale or simply not performing as you hoped it would, it might be time to consider one of the most popular web design trends for 2021.


Parallax refers to an optional illusion that occurs when objects closer to the viewer appear to move faster than those farther away. It happens in day-to-day life, such as passing the scenery when driving, with the effect on a web page similar. The layout sees the background moving at a slower rate than the foreground, which creates a 3D effect when someone scrolls through. It provides a subtle element of depth that makes it especially memorable and almost magical, but best when used sparingly.

Retro fonts

Like just about every trend, old trends from decades ago can often become cool again, like those high-waisted “mom” jeans and handlebar mustaches. Retro fonts are something else that’s experienced that kind of ebb and flow, with stylization and artistry providing new reimagined versions, like a thick sans serif font that appears immovable but contains rounded corners for a softer look reminiscent of classic fonts like ITC Bauhaus. They breathe new life into something more traditional with a little experimentation and a modern spin.

More Abstract Art

Abstract shapes and other images are more often being incorporated by web designers into complex compositions that seem to exude freedom, thanks to an increasing interest in craft-inspired products and fine art. It brings more individuality and creativity to the design, working beautifully for a website layout as a versatile backdrop for photos and text.

3D Visuals

3D design has come a long way due to higher resolution screens. No longer are there blocky, beveled edges, these visuals are seamlessly weaved into web designs to add to the user’s overall experience. They’re especially ideal for a minimalist layout, with 3D making an even bigger impression.

Multimedia Web Experiences

Faster Internet speeds allow for more multimedia, which is why it seems to be popping up in all sorts of web designs, bringing together audio, video, text, and visuals to create an outstanding user experience. The most successful web designs in 2021 will use a variety of media formats thoughtfully to maximize the accessibility of content. Prioritizing simplicity, especially when combining audio and motion, is important to prevent pages from being too distracting or overwhelming to those with a cognitive disorder.

Color Schemes That Are Easier on the Eyes

More muted, lighter color palettes with some blocks of darker colors provide a distinct contrast that makes the design feel “alive.” It’s also something that helps to reduce the eye strain that often comes with staring at a screen all day. Web designers have been taking this into account while making the sites look appealing and user-friendly at the same time.