Top 5 best android apps of all time 2020

The google play store is filled with thousands of apps for androids but not all of them are best to have on your android smartphone. To make your android smartphone more manageable we have bought you the best android apps.

We have listed out five such best android apps that you should have on your smartphone. And for more technology updates visit techiwar.

1. For navigation- google maps

No matter what you do there is always a chance that you will run late because of traffic, but your android smartphone can help to deal with this. With google maps, you can easily beat the traffic as it uses real-time ETAs and tell you about the traffic. It will suggest routes that have less traffic so that you don’t have to face the big traffic on your way.

Not only traffic but with Google maps you can know about the road closures or the shortest routes to your destination. And of course, you can easily navigate with the help of Google maps. Apart from these, you can know about the nearby locations such as restaurants, malls, hospitals, etc. So it’s definitely the best android app to have!

2. For security: LastPass password manager

Our phone knows everything about us and it contains so many important information about our life and that is why it’s important that we care about its security. And when it comes to the security of your phone Lastpass is the best android app for the job! Lastpass helps you to protect and manage your passwords in a secure vault.

You can save almost every password like login information of different online accounts, or passwords of separate things at just one place. Although it’s protected by a master password that you will have to generate and remember. You will also be able to generate strong passwords that will be nearly impossible to crack by anyone else.

3.For entertainment- Google Play Music and Youtube

If say youtube is one the best android app then it wouldn’t be wrong. We all need a little entertainment right. And youtube is the best choice for that. Youtube has a vast collection of videos from all the genres, be it the educational videos, music videos, dancing videos and so much more.

Google play music is also very popular. You will find good quality music that you won’t find anywhere else. So these two apps are absolutely must-have apps for android. For more music download sites you can check websites to download english songs.

4. For space management- Google drive

No matter how much space your android smartphone has, millions of photos of yours, video collections and hundreds of documents will eventually lead you to the shortage of space. And soon you are gonna receive those annoying ‘not enough space’  notifications, although there is a way through which you can manage the space on your phone. And that is google drive! Google Drive offers you a total of 15 GB of space for free.

You can easily store your excess photos or any other files in it. And if you need more space you can just buy from the play store!

5. 1Weather

Weathers apps have become a necessity these days. And that is why we have listed this weather app in our best android apps list. With this app, you can always plan your day according to the weather. It even gives a weather forecast for upcoming weeks. You can also set a customizable widget of this app!

So, these are the apps that you should definitely have on your android smartphone no matter what. We hope our article has helped you and now you will be able to organize your phone better.