Top Tools you Need to Work Effectively from Home

Resources such as the internet and various advancements in technologies have made it easy for people to work from home. However, before becoming a productive worker at home, you need the right resources.

Whether you are a writer, a video editor, or even a sound producer, you need a few tools before working at home.

These resources will suit different productivity goals, and each has unique functions. The challenge comes up in identifying these resources.

The Top Tools

Below are a few tools to add to your regimen if you want to work from home. These tools include:

A Virtual Phone Number

Since you are likely to be communicating with different clients, professionals, people, and more, you need a virtual phone number. It’s a phone number which you can get without a direct telephone line.

The number will let you redirect or change call routes to your preferred phone line, device, or IP address. While most high-quality virtual numbers are available on subscription-based fees, they are excellent for working online.

You can use them as a primary way to communicate with your clients. So, your original line is free from malice. People can reach you on the virtual line just like any other phone number.

Stable Internet Connection

It would help if you had a stable internet connection, which rarely faces downtimes or bandwidth throttling issues. An essential aspect of enjoying quality internet is choosing a reputable service provider.

Do your research before calling the internet installation team over to your home office. A good internet provider offers various benefits for the traditional customer.

These include free routers, affordable service packages, reliable customer support, and more. Ensure you also test the internet speeds using sites like “”

A Full Equipped Workspace

It would help if you had a fully equipped workspace to access helpful resources with ease. Making your space fully functional might require a significant investment, but it ensures you are ready for tasks.

A few critical components for your organized workspace might include:

  • Ergonomic chairs – you need a comfortable chair, especially if you will be spending lots of hours working.
  • A spacious desk – will give your adequate space to move your arms and use your devices.
  • Wireless mouse – this resource is easy to use than the traditional corded mouse.
  • Small fridge – will help reduce the hassle of visiting the kitchen for beverages or snacks.
  • Printer/ scanner – you need this to print and upload useful documents.

A Powerful Computer

The third item on your list should be a powerful computer. There are various reasons for buying a powerful computer. First, software upgrades for software such as browsers and more occur regularly.

So, a powerful computer ensures you are ready for software upgrades that might occur in the future. Plus, such a computer does not strain hardware resources during tasks, which helps improve its longevity.

Second, a powerful computer functions fast through your work tasks and can also accommodate heavyweight programs. A good example would be when you have to run video editing software or run several browsers.

Fully Functional Sound System

You need a good sound system for various reasons. For instance, the system will be crucial for your ability to communicate with clients effectively. You can opt for a high-quality surround system or a good set of wireless headphones.

If you prefer headphones, ensure they have excellent ergonomics, especially if you have to wear them for several hours. Most types have microphones that can be useful when communicating online.

Besides, you also need a sound system for entertainment and communication purposes. You can use it to listen to soothing sounds, music and watch tutorials.

Online Office Suites

Even if Microsoft’s online Office Suite is available on a subscription, it has many benefits over the traditional alternative. You don’t have to install Microsoft Office software again on your computer.

Usually, buying, installing, and customizing Microsoft Office is a challenge. Plus, the software needs regular updates, which can be challenging to track.

On the contrary, Office Suite is available as an online app, which you can use on a laptop or handheld device. The system is available with a package that offers access to six users. Plus, any software updates occur automatically.

So, you can share it along with your team, who also work from home. However, you may have to cough up some more cash for a multi-user support package.

Cloud Storage

Refers to an online service that lets you store your files on a remote server. It’s a crucial resource, especially as computers are sometimes prone to hardware issues. You have heard cases of hard drive malfunction leading to lost crucial company data.

However, with a reliable cloud storage service, your files are always safe. You only have to ensure you keep your login details securely to avoid illegal access to your data.

There are various free cloud storage services online. However, they have limits for the free packages, as they use these to entice new users. The primary or free packages are suitable if you operate a small business or files.

Some free cloud storage services to consider are GoogleDrive, Onedrive, and Dropbox.

Tips for Working Effectively from Home

Once you have the right resources for working effectively from home, you must be cautious about maintaining high productivity levels. A few practical tips include:

  • Take breaks – some projects can be demanding. Taking strategic breaks can help you relax and reduce the strain of working hard.
  • Maintain a schedule – a schedule helps you stay accountable for failing to meet deadlines.
  • Have a physical activity plan – since your new job means you are less mobile, develop an exercise plan to keep fit.

Working from home has increasingly become a common occurrence. It has increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic as lockdowns restrict traditional business operations. However, with the right resources, working from home can be a fun and productive venture.