Was Lizzie a psychopath in The Walking Dead?

Lizzie is shown to have mental instability and adjustment issues: She names the walkers at the fence, insisting they are still people. She feeds live rats to walkers. The feeder was unknown for a long time, but Tyreese confirmed that Lizzie confessed to it.

Why did Lizzie suffocate Judith?

That’s why she almost smothered Judith — by silencing Judith, she was trying to prevent the walkers from approaching and getting killed by her sister. At the same time, she believed that Judith wouldn’t really die from being smothered — she’d return as a walker (which is just as good as a human).

Why does Lizzie think walkers are alive?

Lizzie believes the walkers (zombies) are still alive, and are people. She names them, plays with them, and tries to defend them. Like Herschel in season 2, she probably believes they are sick or something. When she’s stressed Mika will tell her to “look at the flowers” and count.

How did Carol kill Lizzie?

Lizzie realizes Carol is upset and thinks it is because she’d pointed a gun at her. Lizzie starts crying and saying she was sorry but Carol, now crying also, insists she look at the flowers. She draws a revolver and shoots Lizzie in the back of the head, and buries the sisters’ bodies.

What Mental Illness Did Lizzie have?

She insists she was playing with it and that it wouldn’t hurt her because it just wanted a friend, as with the walkers on the prison fence. She shows a symptom of schizophrenia when she admits to her sister that she can hear them while looking at an incapacitated walker, explaining why she understands them.

Did Carol kill Lizzie?

Lizzie tells Tyreese and Carol that she has spared Mika’s brain so that she will come back as a walker, and asks them – at gunpoint – to leave Mika’s body alone. Carol later kills Lizzie after taking her outside to “look at the flowers” to distract and calm her.

Did Tyreese know Carol killed Karen?

Carol finally told Tyreese that she killed Karen. She gave Tyreese the option to kill her, handing him her gun.

Why did Rick kick Carol out?

It is because Carol kept everything a secret, and proceeded to continue keep everything hidden, that Rick kicked her out. She was untrustworthy, not only because she murdered people, but primarily because she hid the truth away from Rick and the council.