What birthstone is December 3?

Birthstone Chart with Modern and Traditional Stones

September Sapphire Sapphire
October Tourmaline Opal
November Golden Topaz or Citrine Topaz
December Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, or Tanzanite Turquoise or Lapis

Why are there three birthstones for December?

December birthstones are turquoise, blue zircon, and tanzanite. Because this is a cold winter month, it should be no surprise that all three of these gemstones exhibit various tones and hues of blue. Initially, turquoise and lapis lazuli were the birthstones for December. Both show blue hues that reflect winter.

How rare is the December birthstone?

Tanzanite – The December Birthstone. If you were fortunate enough to be born in the month of December, you are one of the lucky few with this magnificent gemstone as your birthstone. A thousand times rarer than Diamond, the ultimate blue gemstone.

How many December birthstones are there?

three December birthstones
From the blue to bluish purple of tanzanite, to the intense blue and green of turquoise, to the rainbow varieties of zircon – there’s a color for everyone. If blue is what you’re looking for, all three December birthstones have their own unique take on this favorite hue.

What is Sagittarius birthstone color?

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac. The Sagittarius birthstone is Turquoise. Turquoise is a blue gemstone that means emotional balance and communication. Those born between November 23rd and December 21st are Sagittarians.

What is the December birthstone called?

December Birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise.

Which color is lucky for Sagittarius?

Sagittarius Lucky/Unlucky

Ruling Planet Jupiter
Symbol The Archer
Element Fire
Colour Light Blue, White, Cream and Orange
Lucky Stones Yellow Sapphire & Turquoise

What is the official birthstone for December?

Zircon was traditionally the birthstone for December, and remains the December birthstone in modern U.S. gemology, after the gemstone replaced lapis lazuli in 1952. While zircon occurs in a rainbow of colors, the variety of the transparent gemstone most popularly accepted as the December stone is the blue zircon.

What is the best birthstone?

1. Emerald (May) The lush abundance of spring is mirrored in May’s birthstone, the emerald, with its deep green hue, making it the best birthstone of them all. According to legend, emeralds are also a source of great luck and offer protection against evil to those who wear them.

What is the gemstone for December birthday?

Turquoise is traditionally the birthstone for December, and remains the December birthstone in modern gemology. The gemstone was an ancient birthstone of December from as far back as the old Polish and Russian calendar.

What is the birthstone ring for December?

December Birthstone Ring. A beautiful December Birthstone Ring featuring a stunning natural Blue Topaz center stone that is adorned with natural diamonds along the shoulders. The Blue Topaz displays deep and vivid saturation and is cut in an oval shape. The center stone weighs approximately 1.10 carats and the white gold is 14 karats.