What camera does Cinemassacre use?

A couple highlights of the show-and-tell session include “the camera that made Cinemassacre,” as Rolfe puts it, describing a JVC GR-AX7GYU [4:33] that started out as his family’s camera and eventually became his own. He says it’s the camera he used through most of the ’90s.

How do I contact James Rolfe?


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Is James Rolfe a gamer?

The film began development in late 2006, following the popularity of the Angry Video Game Nerd web series, with James Rolfe serving as its director, producer, and co-writer, and reprising his on-screen role as The Nerd….Film.

Year Title
2014 Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

Why did Bootsy leave Cinemassacre?

For those who don’t know, he was the main guitarist for the AVGN show and is sometimes an actor. They gave a reason for why Bootsy left, it’s because he wanted to work more on his music.

Does Screenwave own Cinemassacre?

Screenwave Media is an American entertainment company founded by Ryan Schott. It bought and are the current distributor of Cinemassacre Productions after the fallout with GameTrailers and ScrewAttack back in 2014. Screenwave Media bought Cinemassacre in 2015.

What is Mike Matei?

Television editor
Mike Matei/Professions

Michael “Mike” Matei is an American writer, video editor, commentator, game reviewer, and former executive producer for Cinemassacre Productions. He worked alongside James Rolfe writing, editing and starring in a wide variety of productions by the company.

Did Matei leave Cinemassacre?

Matei is best known for being the co-writer, illustrator and executive producer for The Angry Video Game Nerd series. In December 18, 2020, James announced that Mike Matei will leave Cinemassacre to focus on his full-time livestreaming on Twitch.

Is James Matei still friends with Rolfe?

It just makes more sense for me right now. James and I are still great friends, I’m just taking a different path. I love live streaming and that’s what I want to do. Update: it’s August 2021.

Is hack the movies part of Cinemassacre?

Hack The Movies is a YouTube channel that reviews movies. It’s very similar to the defunked show on the Cinemassacre YouTube channel Rental Reviews, where James Rolfe and his friends like Tony, Mike Matei, Kiren, and Justin Silverman, would review movies in a very similar way.

Why did Matt Matei leave Cinemassacre?

In June 2013, Matei launched his own channel, simply named after after him. In December 18, 2020, James announced that Mike Matei will leave Cinemassacre to focus on his full-time livestreaming on Twitch.