What do you need to know about Temaril P?

Temaril-P Directions: Temaril-P is a combination of an antihistamine (trimeprazine) and a corticosteroid (prednisolone) available by prescription for use in dogs. Temaril-P is used for the relief of itching regardless of cause. Allow plenty of water for your pet to drink.

Are there any side effects of Temaril P for dogs?

Other Possible Side Effects. Dogs might also experience extreme drowsiness and exhaustion from Temaril-P. The drowsiness should subside quickly. Urinary retention is a possible, but highly rare, side effect of Temaril-P. Dry mouth is another possible side effect of the medication.

How are Temaril-P and prednisolone together?

Action: The exclusive Temaril-P formula combines the antipruritic and antitussive action of trimeprazine with the anti-inflammatory action of prednisolone. A therapeutic effect is attained by administering the tablets twice daily. 1. Antipruritic: Temaril-P is recommended for the relief of itching regardless of cause.

What are the side effects of trimeprazine and Temaril?

If any of the following serious side effects occur, stop giving Temaril-P and seek emergency veterinary medical attention; an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; swelling of the lips, tongue or face; hives). Trimeprazine can cause drowsiness, tremors and muscle weakness.

PetPlus members receive an automatic 20% OFF this item in cart. Product Overview Temaril-P Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) Description. Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) is an FDA-approved prescription medication for dogs that is used to treat itching and coughing (including kennel cough) in dogs.

Temaril P for dogs side effects. In long term cases, extended steroid use with Prednisolone in particular has been shown to reduce testosterone in male dogs, possibly irreversibly. All of these side effects are to do with the Prednisolone. The Trimeprazine itself can cause drowsiness, sedation and tremors.

Which is the best Temaril tablet for itching?

1. Antipruritic: Temaril-P is recommended for the relief of itching regardless of cause.