What does it mean when a body is mutilated?

1 : an act or instance of destroying, removing, or severely damaging a limb or other body part of a person or animal the mutilation of a body They were men who had been sexually damaged by disease, accident, or deliberate mutilation.— James J.

What is Mutulate?

to injure, disfigure, or make imperfect by removing or irreparably damaging parts: Vandals mutilated the painting. to deprive (a person or animal) of a limb or other essential part.

Is mutilate a bad word?

Mutilate is a verb that means to injure or ruin, usually in a brutal or messy way. Mutilate can also describe causing a disfiguring injury. Monsters and evil villains in horror movies tend to mutilate their victims instead of neatly murdering them.

What is a mutilator?

Definitions of mutilator. a person who mutilates or destroys or disfigures or cripples.

What is it called when you cut off a body part?

Topic Overview. Amputation is the removal of a body part. An amputation may be complete (the body part is completely removed or cut off) or partial (much of the body part is cut off, but it remains attached to the rest of the body). In some cases amputated parts can be successfully reattached.

What does dismember mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to cut off or disjoin the limbs, members, or parts of. 2 : to break up or tear into pieces. Other Words from dismember Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About dismember.

What is mean by surpassing?

transitive verb. 1 : to become better, greater, or stronger than : exceed surpassed her rivals surpassed all expectations. 2 : to go beyond : overstep. 3 : to transcend the reach, capacity, or powers of a beauty that surpasses description.

How many years do you get for mutilation?

FGM carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison.

Can you survive losing an arm?

“If there’s nothing to hold the blood, you go into cardio shock, and as a result you die.” Time is also of the essence to save the limb, Sheehan said: Without blood flow, limbs can survive anywhere from one to six hours.