What fluid goes in a YJ transfer case?

The jeep yj transfer case fluid type is ATF+3. The Jeep YJ uses ATF 4 automatic transmission fluid in its transfer case to operate smoothly and safely.

How much fluid goes in a Ford transfer case?

How much fluid goes in a transfer case? Transmission service capacity is 4.0 quarts (5.7 L). is 5.0 quarts (5.7 L).” Obviously, 5.0 quarts and 4.0 quarts do not both equal 5.7 liters.

What fluid does a Borg Warner 1356 transfer case take?

The BW1356 requires MERCON ATF (or similarly spec’d automatic transmission fluid) for lubrication. In differentiating the BW1356 from the BW1345, the 1345 has many more ribs integrated into the casting should the ID tag be missing from the case.

Can I put transmission fluid in my transfer case?

Transfer cases may be filled with gear oil, automatic transmission fluid (ATF), or specialty lubricants. It is important to regularly inspect the transfer case for any damage, leaks, or other concerns.

How much fluid does a 231 transfer case hold?

All Wrangler transfer cases require ATF, literally any ATF is fine with ATF+4 being a superb choice. It holds about 2 quarts.

What does transfer case fluid look like?

Most transfer cases are filled with an automatic transmission fluid, which is usually red in colour. Others use a thicker gear oil, and some use a specialized fluid that is specifically made just for that transfer case.

Can I use transmission fluid in my transfer case?

What is Motorcraft transfer case fluid?

Motorcraft® Transfer Case Fluid is a high-tech lubricant manufactured using man-made base oils and additives that are optimized to provide optimum lubrication for transfer case bearings, chains, and shafts. Ford has replaced it with Mercon LV.

What kind of fluid goes in a Ford transfer case?

10w30 or 40 is the correct oil. The 203 depends on the chain “splashing” fluid into the tail housing. Is transmission fluid and transfer case fluid the same? The transmission and front differential share the same fluid (ATF).

What kind of oil do you use in a Bronco?

The use of SAE 5W-30 oil is preferred in all climate conditions. The use of SAE 10W-30 is acceptable in moderate to hot climates. Ford recommends using Motorcraft oil or an equivalent oil meeting Ford specification ESE-M2C153-E and certified by the American Petroleum Institute for gasoline engines.

How big are oil pan bolts on a Bronco?

Tighten the four 5/16-18 x 1.12 oil pan bolts to 12-16 Nm (9-12 lb-ft) and the remaining 1/4-20 x .94 oil pan bolts to 10-14 Nm (89-124 lb-in). Excerpts; “…CAUTION: Make sure machined surfaces on both axle housing cover and carrier are clean and free of oil before installing the new silicone sealant.

Where is the canister purge valve on a Bronco?

But 96 5.0 does have the system. The 96, Vapor Management Valve (VMV) replaces the canister purge valve (CanP valve) used in EEC IV. The Speed Control Deactivation Switch (SCDS) in a 93 Bronco is located on the driver side frame rail, but in 94 through 96 it is on the master cylinder.