What happened to the group Son by Four?

But Son by Four was only a facade by the time it claimed seven trophies at last year’s Billboard awards. Sony kept the split under wraps for months until a lawsuit over rights to the band’s name was filed in San Juan federal court. “It’s not Son by Four — it’s Angel Lopez.”

Who sang A Puro Dolor?

Son By Four
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Who wrote A Puro Dolor?

Omar Alfanno
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What happened to Angel Lopez?

Miguel Ángel López’s Giro d’Italia came to a premature end when he crashed heavily during the opening time trial in Palermo. He lost control of his bike in the closing part of the stage after appearing to hit a bump in the road and he crashed into the barriers at the roadside.

When did the song A Puro Dolor come out?

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Who are the members of son by four?

They founded their own label SB4 Music Group on 2003. Son by Four was created by Panamanian producer and songwriter Omar Alfanno and integrated by Ángel López, Pedro Quiles, and brothers Javier Montes and George Montes. In 1998, the group released two songs produced by Omar Alfanno, “No Hay Razón” and “Nada”.

What kind of music does son by four make?

Son by Four is a salsa music group from Puerto Rico, well known for their English U.S. pop hit ” Purest of Pain (A Puro Dolor) “. The group is now an independent band. They founded their own label SB4 Music Group on 2003.

What was the Spanish version of son by four?

The Spanish version of the song appeared at number 65 in Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, which was conceived as a rare feat for a Spanish single. The group soon recorded a new English-language version, named “The Purest of Pain”, and this version got into the top 30, peaking at number 26.

When did son by four Puro Dolor come out?

The album sold 315,000 units in the United States, and more than one million copies worldwide. “A Puro Dolor” subsequently helped Son by Four earn gold sales status, as well as receiving four prizes at Billboard Music Awards (December 2000) and seven prizes the Billboard Latin Music Awards (April 2001), including Hot Latin Track Artist of the Year.